FADC doesnt work [PC]

Hey guys

I hope you can help me, I have the strangest problem ever.
So since a couple of days I cant FADC anything anymore. Only every fifth attempt works (yesterday it was every 10). I´m not a bad player or anything, I have okay execution and normal focus and everything works, just the cancelling does not.

Yesterday I reinstalled the game and everything worked fine until now.
Same problem again, only every fifth cancel works. Offline aswell as online.

I really have no idea what to do and I dont want to reinstall the game everyday.

Did you try different USB ports on your input device? Are you using a USB hub? Have you switched anything else from the usual?

Are you playing using Omega Mode ? If yes, you can’t DP FADC on guard unless you use EX in that mode anymore.

If not playing Omega, try and look at inputs in training mode, to see if your inputs are recorded fine or not.

If they are, are you using a really low spec computer ?

If using a PS4 / good PC, then I really don’t know … weird stuff