FADC essential to top level play?

As an avid abel fan I wonder how good someone can play him. Shiro,Busta and countless others are masters with abel and always seem to land the fadc without hesistation.Since I struggle a bit with that i wonder how good i’ll ever be without that aspect to my game.this goes for any character really.could someone master the basics of footsies or zoning or a combination of all aspect of sf4 and do away with the fadc? or is the fadc essential to top level play ?
just kind of thinking outloud

essential for abel. You have to be able to do that ultra set up for “top level” play. It isnt necessarily needed for every character such as blanka.

                why no blanka? his super and ultras dont really combo into anything ? the videos i see online of tournaments theres always a back and forth battle then someone hits a fadc and crushes the other character with a super or ultra.

I think elt means you don’t always have to do the fadc ultra set up against blank to beat blanka, since, as many patient abel players will atest, blanka is free for abel (not to mention, abel can punish any blocked or traded blanka ball with ultra). But yes, fadc is essential and incredibly buttery once you get the hang of it. Hit up training mode and practice that shit. No reason to just focus on footsies/zoning and not on excecution.

                    thanks for the input man.great avatar by the way.one of the things i love about sf4 is theres so much to it,the part i hate is theres so much to it.
                    i have seen many many videos of tournaments and its a back and forth battle with one player missing a combo or link or whatever and the opponent hits them with a fadc combi into a super or ultra and that ends the match.i guess it IS essential to championship play

It’s not something you’re going to pick up in a day. Or a week. Hell, I still can’t do it reliably enough to try in a match(I play Cammy FYI) , but that’s mainly because I don’t sit down enough to try and practice it. If you’re just doing casual play, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, but if you’re serious, get ready to hit training for a long while.

elt means that fadc isn’t an absolutely essential part of blanka’s game, and he can be used perfectly fine without it, unlike abel. it is necessary to be able to do it if you’re an abel player, so don’t give up man, you’ll get it with time, just practice

guess its like any other skill set.how do you get to carnegie hall ?

learn it, practice it, use it. this is essential for every match up imo doesnt matter what character it is, its big damage and really not too hard imo. practice up in training mode.

                    good stuff busta thanks man.learned alot since i started to come here.all priceless info on this forums.thanks to everyone

2 quick tips:

You need to hold down the mediums while you’re dashing to get the fadc, otherwise you’ll just get a standing focus attack if you release the buttons before dash cancelling.

You can press one “Forward” at the same time you press the mediums, and if you hit forward again, it counts as a dash.

I think Busta kinda said it best…

The thing is… most top level players have mastered footsies, zoning and comboing… so it’s not like you’ll be running side by side with them just by mastering those things. They’ve also mastered the FADC as well. Just avoiding learning it will always leave your game 1 dimension short of other high level players.

That’s how I look at it.

Nobody’s ever mastered footsies, FADCs are much easier. Just practice.

I know nobody’s ever mastered footsies. It’s not really a discipline that can be controlled to the point of mastery.

I was just using his wording.

having half decent foosties is 100 times harder than fadc combos which are piss easy. This is a stupid thread.

I don’t think there is anyone that is a master of Abel. Shiro, well…he’s a Grandmaster, haha.

                           thank you for your insight.

Admittedly he sounds like a douche, but he is 100% correct though.

lol no but seriously practice alot…at first i struggled with FADC too but i went to training mode and made sure that my hands were inputting my commands the same way every time took it step by step and now i can FADC every time…another tip is to go back to neutral after the cod but put the time in in the training room and youlll get it

I gotta say absolutely on this one. w/ an FADC out of the first Change of Direction hit you’ve got a walk-in to just about anything you want. there’s also some damn good normals u can cancel out of with it for some relative footsies or pressure.

basically if you FADC you can keep combos going longer and even if a combo is scaled damage, it’s garunteed damage; hits that hit for CERTAIN can be the diff between a win and a loss.