FADC Frame Data

I’ve been trying to improve my game and one of the aspects I need to improve is to incorporating FADC into it… but I couldn’t find enough information regarding to the frames so decided to compile a list myself for other fellow Blanka players.

Note: this is based on VANILLA block/hit stun data since I can’t find these data for Super

Move Name/Block FADC/Hit FADC

sorry for the terrible layout, copied and pasted from excel.

Close LP -14 -11
Close MP -11 -8
Close HP -6 0
Close LK -14 -11
Close MK -11 -8
Close HK -6 -22
Far LP -14 -11
Far MP -11 -8
Far LK -14 -11
Far MK -11 -8
crouch LP -14 -11
crouchMP -11 -8
crouch HP -6 0
crouch LK -14 -11
crouch MK -11 -8
crouch HK -6
B or F+MP(close) -11 -6
Focus Attack LVL 1 -5 -5
Focus attack LVL 2 1
Rolling Attack -7 2
Electricity -4


The only ones worth mentioning is… pretty much known to most people

FA lvl 1 on hit and block is -5 as known on wiki, lvl 2 (blocked) is +1 can see from wiki as well
Blanka ball on HIT is +2

csHP/cHP on HIT is 0

everything else is in the negatives some more than others… the one that surprise me the most is csHK data


What we need is the frame data for EX FA cancels. We can use it to figure out lvl 1 FA counter hit crumple setups. I think lvl 1 FA is 20 frames, so the aim is to find a move with that gives the opponent between 2 and 5 frames to react with a counter poke in anticipation of FADC. I use this with a few other chars but I haven’t tried it with Blanka yet.

rockcrusher does 18 frames of hitstun. 20-18=2? All fierce normals are 18ish on block. I just tested, mashing jab on a blocked sweep leads to counterhit.

edit: 4 frame moves against a blanka ball on block get counterhit as far as I can tell. 3 frame jabs are safe.

edit2: does okay against honda as it stuffs all non EX headbutts, which are a pretty reasonable reaction to a blocked blanka ball FADC.

I usually find that opponent’s don’t mash the instant you EX FA because they either expect a dash->throw or backdash, so at worst you usually end up trading, which is even better because you get the CH crumple and you recover much faster. Depends on the opponent though. Opponent’s who use chars that don’t have chainable jabs tend to be more conservative with their weak pokes, while Boxers tend to jab all the time.