FADC inputs


I know that there are several different inputs for FADC, but which ones are best depending on the situation?

For gaining ground on fireball-spamming opponents?
For cancelling specials/normals in order to extend combos/maintain pressure?
Any others?



for gaining ground you simply absorb the fireball, then dash forward

for cancelling moves, do a FA after performing the move u want to cancel if you have at least two bars of EX

Focus attacks are also pretty good at messing with people who are trying to walk backwards. You can stall them because if theyre close enouh theyll go into blocking, and sometimes you can hit them with a lvl3, or a lvl2 when they try to move some other way


Input wise your better off putting the 3 button ultras on a button instead of focus attack.

As for the focus attack itself, I use it often as a poke, get a combo or hit from it so why not. Also use it to counter other pokes, not the best idea to use it on projectiles, jump whenever possible, only absorb if you know you can’t jump in time and you know it’s a single hit. Also useful to get out of cross ups and overall a better dash, just use it for every dash when your close.


Good responses, but I don’t know if I made myself clear. Granted, I’m not an experienced player by any stretch of the imagination, but I have somewhat of a grasp on when to use FADC, but I was wondering how to input the command beyond the basic:
FA, dash, release FA. Are there any commands that make FADC easier while walking forward?


press mp with your index finger, and mk with your thumb.

you could also try mp with middle finger and mk with index.


For quicker FADCs, you can input the forwards simultaneously with other actions - [6+MK+MP, 6] rather than [MK+MP, 6, 6].
This can also be used to make using skills afterwards easier, eg for
FADC>Ult input [MK+MP+6, 236, 236PPP]; the ending forward of the first quartercircle also functions as the 2nd forward for the dash. Or for
FADC>Charge Ult, [MK+MP+6, 6, 4, 6]; the 2nd forward (for the dash) being the first forward for the Ult at the same time.

I don’t really know what else you could mean.


I’m not sure what you mean by ‘input’. Input implies the different methods to actually execute a FADC, whereas the examples you described, are the USES for focus cancelling.

For methods, I prefer to do press the medium punch+kick with my middle finger. This reduces a chance of accidentally pressing the buttons at different times, which doesn’t result in a focus attack. I also do this for throws or crouch-techs, seems it feels like I can perform it faster and more reliably with a single finger as opposed to 2. If I’m focus cancelling off a move that has a forward input, such as a fireball or dragon punch, then I hold the forward-motion while I press it. This makes it so that the game reads the forward input as part of my dash input, so all i need to do is press forward one more time, and I’ll dash. It saves me the effort of inputting extra motions, which generally makes FADC motions far easier to do.

For uses, there’s a variety of uses. You can use it to continue an offensive attack string, use it to set up a frame trap, use it during combos to apply maximum damage/stun, or go for the reset opportunity, or okizeme, you can do it to recover from your special moves quicker, you can do it as a surprise off of a normal motion to go for a throw or command throw, you can do it to make a special move safe from recovery, you can use it to limit the risk factor of high-risk high-damage moves, such as a dragon punch. Christ, the list goes on and on.


If the FADC dash is better than the regular one, is it possible to use it on wake-up to avoid attacks?


I think you’re confusing a focus-dash with a dash cancel. Dash cancels mean that you cancel a move into a focus attack, and then you cancel that focus into a dash. Focus-dash is just doing a focus and then dashing. It has its uses, especially for beating out certain option-selects to avoid a mix-up on wakeup, or to avoid a cross-up with a built-in OS. Only certain characters with extremely fast dashes can make strong use of this (Makoto, Chun, Cammy, Ibuki, etc), in many cases, without being punished. But if you abuse it too often, then smart opponents will usually change up their patterns to punish the dash, or at least put you in a reset state where they can continue putting on pressure.