Fadc is it worth it?



From my experience… I’d rather save meter for c. Mp hands super

Plus Fadc to mp tc2 timing is wierd

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You answered your own question


How about no.

People have discussed this multiple times in the past. Check out Gen and FADC


Whoa thanks for the link

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no its not a good idea to build meter just for the super , this is not Alpha 3 Gen A-izm :slight_smile:


people do dumb stuff when gen has super stocked, and with Ultra its even more scary, I can hold my own without meter so I look forward to that SUPER flashing, and might I say that 90% of my matches that I saved up for super I won. lol! it comes down to a matter of preference but if I play equal or better players I stock up for super


Super is better than fadc not only for the reasons above but it’s also a mental thing. When playing someone who knows a bit about the gen match they will start to be a lot more cautious when you have that super/ultra stocked which can give you time to breath against rush down characters.


When Gen has super stocked then the satsui no hado juice flows hahaha and he gets that assassin aura that one wrong move and your opponent is dead


Well in my opinion, Gen is scarier with his super meter full, he has a full screen anti-air and an easy to confirm 300dmg combo finisher. The only fadc’s that are worth while is crane cr.lk. fadc into crane ultra 1 or fadc out of hands into s.mk-hand for some added dmg and stun.


trust me crLK fadc crane U1 is useless, have you seen the damage scaling on that thing?


yes, I have, I only do it when I want to be fancy.


10,000 style points baby!!!


Yes…Finish the fadc combo with hk gekiro would be a good idea…Especially when you have some great setup


good point there houzi. especially if the setup is unblockable. actually you have given me an idea for an unblockable. :sunglasses:


A safe setup or some big big damage setup…
Hk gekiro can be used to all character " hands fadc s.hp hk gekrio." :slight_smile:


good point, hmm, what safe setup do we have after HK gekiro


Safe Jump setup.
As… Aganist Chunli hk gekrio (medium posion finished) dash cr.hp(mantis) j.mk(mantis).
Safe setup
Aganist Sagat hk gekrio (low medium posion finished) whiff hk gekiro j.mk (crane)is crossup, whiff mk gekrio (j.mk )(crane) is regular. The rythem of gekiro is really importment. * After whiffing the hk(mk) gekiro ,should wait a few frame than jump…
The result is like this:
Sagat do the reversal dp will wiff.
Sagat do the delay dp will hit by the j.mk in the air.
*The timing for the jump is really a big window.
As Dakou Chinese player who use this setup aganist RF feel really safe and easy to do while Sagat has nothing to do but guessing…
As hk gekiro has so much free frame . You can choose what you like to do … Oga setup or Safe setup or Safe jump setup…


cool, thanks. definitely including it in my gen book


As Dakou use this setup in SBO 2012. (Setup Aganist Sagat)
He feel really safe and easy to excute…