FADC math


so whats the equation to find out how much advantage or disadvantage you are after fadc’ing forward, and where can I find the frame data for dashes?


You could always just test it out in training mode hands with while using record for the npc.

If you uppercut and focus cancel on a guy on block he has a chance for a free grab. That’s really pretty much it.


damn. thats tragic. i’m going to see if i can record it in 60fps.


It varies by character and iteration of the series.

In USFIV characters with a DP and some others like Viper and Guile are -5f after a DP xx FADC on block. In previous versions they were either at -1f or -2f (in other words, safe from most forms of punishment).

For a regular Focus Attack then dash cancel, this page has data for the characters in AE2012:


the frame data is on a bunch of wiki’s, just google it, and I believe the equation is the blockstun of the move you cancel - the dash frames, except in cases like DP FADC where it’s -5 on block static I believe.


i’m playing evil ryu. I wanted to know how many frames you had after fadc’ing fireball and a light axe kick. I know the axe kick is atleast plus 3 and the fireball can be plus 5, but it seems to vary depending on the timing between when the fireball hits and your follow up.


the easiest way to test frame data like this is the to do a jump test.

basically, pick the same character for both sides in training mode.

put the dummy on bock.

do fireball or lk axe fadc and pause during your forward dash.

put the dummy on jump and hold up on the stick while you un pause.

now based on how much faster or higher you are jumping than the dummy. you can see the frame advantage.

you can do this with any move and check specific frames to see what +1 should look like or +3 should look like etc.