FADC or Parry

I think the FADC is the best thing to a fighting game just so i can canacl moves but what do yall think is better FADC or Parry

Focus attack or parry would be a better question.

smh… i was giving my reason as to why i like fadc in this sitution. in 3s u cant cancl a dp and can be really punished for it

It’s a real man’s game. You know the risks but you know the rewards. Parrying rewards you for keeping you guard up and reacting to attacks. Parrying is also badass if you parry cool shit. You can’t FA cool shit.
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Play 3rd Strike. It’s a good game

i have 3s… sf2 turbo is a real mans game…

insert-game-that-has-even-less-defensive-options is a real mans game

Defensively, parries are much better than focus attack. Offensively, if you do stupid shit, you should be punished.

FADC are my choice. I played both sf3 and snkvsc2 back in the arcades and parries just felt like it was over the top. People can just nullify complete supers. Sure it was risky, and yes it would take a big time investment and cool nerves to learn how to, but the reward for these players was just too much. FADC give us a good medium. You can learn how to use those well, and still punish people hard, but not near the level I saw during the sf3 and snkvsc2 days.

Old street fighter players should be able to pick up a new street fighter and adept fairly well to it. Sf3 you had to change your game so drastically you can hardly call it a street fighter game at all. Sf4 on the other hand has plenty of new stuff, but isn’t overwhelmingly crazy like parries were.

i do wish sf4 had parry

I will not deny nor object that comment.

I wish SF4 had a rail gun