FADC Rose Question

Hey guys. I’ve been away from AE for quite a while and recently came back to check out 2012. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, or if this is already posted in another thread, but can anyone give me some advice on basic FADC rose setups/strategy, or if it’s something even viable? My Dudley is pretty scrubby, but it’s something I would like to improve on. Thanks.

Rose>FADC>F.MK (Wait for rose to hit)>Cr.hp>St.Hk xx Rapemode

^^ I could be wrong but i’m pretty sure that’s one of them.

c.HP, c.HK is not a link. I assume you meant s.HK

could’ve posted question in the Q&A Thread brah
or the ae2012 buff thread

I wish I could edit quotes…