FADC Sweep

Generally curious, has anyone found a decent use for FADC’ing a sweep? Guile’s in particular is pretty risky to even throw out there, is the consensus that FADC’ing it is just too expensive?

If you do it at maximum distance it sets you up perfectly to throw them. But 2 EX bars for a throw seems a bit much.

Personally I would say yeah, not worth it. EX FK/SB are too vital to my game. I rarely regret a sweep. One because I’m pretty careful with it, and two, it’s harder to punish than missed FK. Maybe at pro level ?

Should avoid using the sweep unless you are absolutely sure you can connect with it…

So to answer your question, no, FADCing a sweep is not worth it.

1 crazy risk/reward would be to abuse c.hk like crazy & once they start to counter the 2nd c.hk, bait to backdash > ultra.
its pretty much like fk>fadc on block. keeps Guile from getting his A$$ punished unlike some other characters (insert top tier here).

ps. c.hk>FADC puts you at -3 before the dash -19 = 22. maybe even more since there’s something about FADC any move adds 2-3 frames, so its not very safe.

throw it in once a game i say, makes it interesting and if used sparingly should catch them off guard to net you a throw.

and it looks cool.

Generally, I would say the sweep>FADC is mainly to be used in your mix-up game and for cross ups.

Personally, I use it often, not just to throw…that’s that worth 2 meters, TBH. I use it to add to my mix up game, if my sweep is blocked, I FADC then follow up with a light combo then go for cross up, do another combo and finish off with SB or FK.

When the 1st light combo (c.lk x2, c.lp) connects, then you go for the cross up and do another combo (c.lp x2, c.mp, SB or FK) it looks so sexy!

I never thought of that. I’m going to work on that. That’d be great for opponents who are really FA happy when they see a double sweep. At the same time though, they might be able to mash backdash out of Guile’s Ultra.

Umm…most people just play it safe vs the c.RH and low jab/short/strong/forward him out of it before the 2nd hit even comes out now. Don’t waste your time on the above idea.

In agreemet with judge_rl…

There’s no safe way to “abuse” c.hk. Having said that, after going a most of the match without c.hk at all, I may go for a c.hk -> fadc -> throw if my pressure has been good and I’m in the opponent’s head.

I’d FADC the sweep if it’s possible to miss counter attack SRK’s by stepping back, incase noone has said that yet

Sweep FADC backstep while charging DB.
if its LP/MP your better off cr.MP xx FK
if its a fierce srk, you have enough time to blast him with FK.
if you can FK, you can Super/Ultra.

Oh, so you do have enough room to counter the counter

I’ve never actually done that, just thought it should work becasue everytime i see a strategy against Guile,regardless of the character, they talk about countering the double sweep

I call this one of Guile’s dead ends.

I mean really you would have to spam it and wait to take damage when they start to counter it.
Looking at the cancels that other fighters have and look at this one is laughable. Capcom must have been in the john in mid crap to come up with it.

I find this the same with the Flash kick cancel ummm you could ummm throw dash, I mean just pure crap for options and really nothing match breaking you can do.

Why capcom why

Better ways to use the blue bars in my opinion move on…

ok i know im a noob but I forget wht FADC stands for?

Focus Attack Dash Cancel


i’d love to work out how to do the dash or focus dash ultra but i’ve never been able to pull it off.

Practice makes perfect. Seriously, I thought it was crazy hard at first, now I can hit it 3 or 4 out of 5 times.