FADC through characters glitch


Hi! I was thinking of doing a video showing all of these glitches. I thought I would be useful for people to know how these are executed and on which charaters it works on, and if it needs some special requirement (crouching, counter-hit, corner, etc).

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

So basically I want you to list what character the glitch works with, how you do it and what characters it works on. I’ve found these so far after some searching around:

Ryu on Gen,Cody,Zangief,Vega - cl.hk xx FADC (works on crouching Balrog,Vega)(Works on Zangief and Vega when crouching, has to be really close)
Ryu on El Fuerte,Decapre - cl.st.mp xx FADC (corner,works anywhere on counterhit,can work midscreen without counter hit if closer than normal point blank)
Ryu on El Fuerte,Decapre - Hadoken XX FADC (corner)
Ryu on El Fuerte - cl.mk xx FADC (corner,works anywhere on counterhit)
Akuma on Vega - cl.st.hp xx FADC (corner,crouching)
Akuma on Vega - far HP xx FADC (crouching,counterhit, corner only)
Evil Ryu on Vega - cl.st.hk xx FADC (crouching)
Evil Ryu on Ibuki - cl.st.hk xx FADC
Evil Ryu on Seth,Zangief - HK Axe Kick/EX Axe Kick xx FADC (no special requirement)
Oni on Ibuki - f.hp xx FADC (works on cr.Sagat in corner and on Dudley,Balrog and Vega anywhere when crouching)
C.Viper on Balrog,Vega,Dudley,Cody - cr.mk xx lp.thunderknuckle/mp.thunderknuckle xx FADC (crouching,works with every special cancelable move,works anywhere,works on Cammy,Guile,Sagat but corner only)
Dudley on Cammy,Guile,Balrog - Ducking straight xx FADC (corner,crouching,also works on cr.Vega anywhere)
Dudley on Balrog - f.hp XX FADC (crouching,also works on cr.Vega anywhere)
Dudley on Balrog - f.hk xx FADC (crouching,also works on cr.Vega anywhere)
Dudley on Vega - st.hp xx FADC (Corner, anywhere on counterhit)
Makoto on Cody,Vega,Cammy,Dudley,Balrog,Sagat,Guile - Oroshi xx FADC (crouching)
Makoto on Dudley,Vega - s.hk xx FADC (Balrog,Guile,Cammy,Cody,Sagat in corner)
Cody on Vega - cl.st.hp XX FADC (crouching,blocking,corner)
Cody on Vega - EX Zonk Knuckle xx FADC (crouching,blocking,corner)
Cody on Ibuki - cl.st.hk xx FADC (no special requirement)
Cody on Vega - c.HP xx FADC (Really inconsistent, but it’s possible. Corner only,crouching,blocking)
Cody on Vega - knife s.HP xx FADC (corner only,crouching)
Ken on El Fuerte - cr.mk XX FADC (corner,crouching,close)
Ken on El Fuerte,Decapre - s.MP xx FADC (anywhere)
Ken on El Fuerte - c.MP xx FADC (corner)
Ken on El Fuerte - Hadoken xx FADC (delay dash slightly, corner)
Ken on El Fuerte - EX hadoken xx FADC (delay dash even more, corner,or FADC and then dash forward again)
Ken on st.El Fuerte - Non-EX Tatsu xx FADC (LK/MK/CH HK anywhere, non-CH HK corner only)(The move has two different, potential hitstates, only one of them can be dashed through)
Ken on Rolento - j.hk or Focus crumple,Hadoken xx FADC (corner)
Dan on Vega - cl.st.hk xx FADC (works mid-screen and in corner, crouching)
Dan on Vega - cl.st.hp xx FADC (corner, crouching)
Juri on Cammy,Dudley,Sagat,Vega,Balrog - (During Feng Shui Engine) cl.st.hk XX FADC (FADC the second hit, crouching)
Chun-Li on Vega - cr.hp xx FADC (crouching,works anywhere)
Vega on Cody,Vega - Rolling Crystal Flash xx FADC (crouching,corner,works with all versions)
Balrog on Cammy,Guile,Cody - Dash Swing Blow xx FADC (crouching,corner)
Gouken on Vega - cl.st.hp xx FADC (corner,crouching)
Gouken on Vega - cr.hp xx FADC (corner,counter hit,corner)
Gen on Vega - Jyasen xx FADC (crouching, fadc the last hit, works with any version of Jyasen)
Abel on Vega - 2nd hit cl.HP xx FADC in the corner. (crouching,1st hit whiffs naturally vs cr.Vega)
Rose on Vega - cl.HP xx FADC (crouching,corner only, but anywhere on counterhit)
Balrog on Vega - cl.HK xx FADC (crouching,you need to be closer than normal point blank for it to work, corner only)(set-ups: “j.HP/HK, cl.HK”, “nj.HP (hold forward), cl.HK”, “Overhead xx FADC, cl.HK”, “CH j.LK/LP, cl.HK”)
Cammy on Vega - cl.HP xx FADC (crouching,counterhit only, anywhere)
Cammy on Vega - far s.HP xx FADC (crouching,counterhit only, corner only)
El Fuerte on Vega - cl.HP xx FADC (corner only, counterhit only)
El Fuerte on Vega - Gordita Sobat xx FADC (crouching,corner only, only works on counterhit or from s.HP xx QCF+P xx Gordita Sobat)
El Fuerte on Vega - lvl.1 Quesadilla Bomb xx FADC (crouching,corner only. Tight timing, easier from s.HP xx lvl.1 QB)
Ibuki on Elena - lvl.2 Focus Attack (blocked,corner)
Ibuki on Vega - far HP xx HP xx FADC (corner,anywhere)
Elena on Vega - DP+K/QCB+K/RDP+HK xx FADC (anywhere,delay dash for RDP+HK)
Poison on Vega - CH 2nd hit cl.HK xx FADC (Corner,crouching,counterhit a crouching normal on wake-up so he crouches)
Poison on Vega - 2nd Rekka xx FADC (corner only, point blank only,so you need to do it on wake-up)
Sakura on Vega - far HP xx FADC (crouching,counterhit, corner only)
Elena on Balrog - ex.Scratch Wheel xx FADC (crouching)
Regular Dash Through Glitch:

Makoto on Vega - Counterhit LK/MK Tsurugi, forward dash. (crouching)
Zangief on Vega - Very deep j.d.HP, forward dash (Deep both vertically and horizontally, anywhere,crouching)
Yang on Vega - During Super, last shadow hits with last hit of cl.HP, forward Dash (crouching,requires meaty counterhit, because Vega has to try to do a crouching move to be hit crouching during the meaty)
Dhalsim on Vega - Dash into Vega as he gets hit by U1 (crouching,U1 will still combo all 5 hits crouching)
El Fuerte on Vega - s.HP xx Habareno Dash (runs through Vega anywhere,crouching)
Ken on El Fuerte - Any jumping Medium, dash forward (anywhere)
Ryu on El Fuerte - lvl.1 FA xx Forward Dash (corner only,standing, crouching)
Cammy on Vega - Cannon Strike xx Forward Dash (crouching, counter-hit, has to hit deep and right on top of Vega’s head, but you still land in front)
Cammy on Vega - EX Cannon Strike xx Forward Dash (crouching, counter-hit, has to hit deep and right on top of Vega’s head, but you still land in front)

Feel free to correct me on which characters this works on! :slight_smile:

Ultra Street Fighter 4 General

Cody can do it vs crouching Vega by FADCing a close HP on block.


The Makoto one (oroshi) also works on Vega.


I got it to work, I’m adding it! Thank you. :slight_smile:



Evil Ryu on Zangief and Seth - HK/EX axe kick FADC


I found two new ones with Dan on Vega. The first on is done using cl.st.hk xx FADC. This works mid-screen and in the corner. Vega has to be crouching and it has to hit. The second on is corner only and is done using st.cl.hp xx FADC. Same thing here, crouching and has to hit.


close st.HK: Ryu on Cody, Ryu on Fuerte, Ryu on Boxer (crouching)

I use these occasionally for resets out of dizzy.


I was able to get the Cody and Balrog ones to work, but the El Fuerte didnt work. Are you sure it works?


chun vs crouching vega or rog (cant remember) cr.hp FADC on hit


The Makoto Oroshi FADC works on 7 characters total: Cody, Vega, Cammy, Dudley, Balrog, Sagat and Guile. All of them must be crouching.


It worked on Vega, thanks!

Updated it, thank you!


I believe Oni can FADC on a crouching Sagat as well

corner only
F+HP FADC dash on crouching Sagat


Sorry, against Fuerte it’s close st.mp. Works after a high jump ins (easier to do in the corner). j.hp works.

Close st.hk FADC against Ibuki also works when she’s standing.


IIRC j.hp, cr.hk of vega against rog (blocked or hit dont remember) is weird as f*ck


Juri can do it against some characters by fadc her close standing hk during FSE ultra1


That’s a glitch and it works against everyone…

unfortunately unlike this for Duds it leaves Vega wide open.


Same with Oni on Dudley. I’m sure there are others in the corner.

I believe viper mid screen works as well.


It works the other way too!

When the opponent is cornered, Vega can FADC through crouching Vega and crouching Cody after a RollingCystalFlash.
See vid at 9:10


Ryu on El Fuerte: Hadoken FADC in the corner. Can be used midcombo. For example: “f.HP, s.MK xx Hadoken xx FADC, c.Mp, c.HP xx EX Tatsu”. (at 0:31)

You can also do cl.MK xx FADC for a reset.

cl.HK xx FADC also works on crouching Claw anywhere on the field.


HOLY SHIT that Vega glitch looks weird as fuck, I didn’t know that happened.