FADC through characters glitch


And part 2 is done. I wont have that much time to play and record starting next week (school starts), so I thought I would upload part 2 now and have part 3 take a little longer.


Cody on crouching, Blocking Vega: c.HP xx FADC (Really inconsistent, but it’s possible. Corner only)
Cody on Crouching Vega: knife s.HP xx FADC (corner only)


Part 3 is done, added some of the regular dash glitches that you found Doopliss.


Makoto has a universal one without FADC off a j.Fierce reset in the corner.
Dunno if it counts since it’s no FADC.

Focus attack lvl 2 / 3
Use any normal on the ground

She does the normal inside the corner and teleport outside of it when the opponent lands.


Doing a cross-under from a juggle/reset is not the same thing, this thread focuses on grounded dash-through glitches.


Try E. Ryu’s Axe Kick on Crouching Viper. Found out about this about a year ago and that was the circumstance we found.


Sorry it may have been cl.st. HK. I don’t have my system to test atm.


Rose vs Gief:
Super -> 2x dash goes through gief


Has anyone found any new FADC-glitches in Ultra? I’ve found a few.


I’ve got this one

I’m sure there are a lote more like this,but I’m too lazy to search them :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw that you uploaded that. Nice! :slight_smile:


Welp,if I can upload things I should upload things,and more now that I have ok resolution and in game capture lol


I didn’t find all of these myself, some of it is just some stuff that I’ve picked up:
Rolento, @ cr.Vega in the corner: Makong Delta Air Raid, dash.
Ken @ Rolento: CH j.HK/crumple, Hadoken xx FADC (corner only)
Elena @ cr.Vega (And some others, don’t know who): DP+K/QCB+K/RDP+HK xx FADC (anywhere)(delay dash for RDP+HK)

Poison @ cr.Vega: CH 2nd hit cl.HK xx FADC, corner only (Counterhit a crouching normal on wake-up so he crouches)
Poison @ cr.Vega: 2nd Rekka xx FADC (corner only, point blank only)(So you need to do it on wake-up)
Poison @ cr.Vega: 2nd Rekka xx 3rd rekka, 3rd rekka passes through.
Poison @ cr.Vega: 3rd EX Rekka xx 4th EX rekka, 4th EX rekka passes through.
Ibuki @ cr.Vega: far HP xx HP xx FADC (anywhere)
Sakura @ cr.Vega: far HP xx FADC (counterhit, corner only)
Akuma @ cr.Vega: far HP xx FADC (counterhit, corner only)


Some new things in this video:

Ken cl.MP xx FADC also works on Decapre, anywhere.


I have updated the main post with all the new stuff! :slight_smile:


I think the s.MP and cl.MP for Ken is the same thing.


Nah,Ken has a close st mp wich leads into his target combo,and a far one


Yes, but when I wrote s.MP I meant cl.MP. I used to use the terminology “s.MP and far s.MP” instead of “cl.MP and far s.MP”.


Oh ok,I use s.mp and cl.mp instead of s.mp and far st.mp


which is why I use cl.MP and far s.MP now to make sure there are no misunderstandings. And s.MP if there’s only one standing version like with Makoto.


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