FADC tips

I’m having problems just FADC’ing in general. Any tips on inputs, timing, or thought-processes would be greatly appreciated

Me too. I just got a TE stick yesterday and SSFIV last week. I still haven’t been able to do FADC.

heeey youre the guy i played earlier. anyways, try taking it step by step. first do SRK then cancel with out the dash, then do it again but with the dash and then finally, srk fadc ultra. its easier than it sounds lol. the timing is pretty straight forward and smooth. just takes pratice.

Okay, here are my quick tips for how I learned, then improved on my FADC’ing.

  • If it doesn’t work, KEEP TRYING. I can’t stress this enough, especially if you can get it once. Just keep practicing it, it should feel as easy as hitting fierce, you should have it down to muscle memory before you try to go beyond it.
  • Learn in steps, I will use Ryu as an example. First, make sure you can do a DP consistently (this shouldn’t be too hard). Then try canceling the DP with a Focus attack, you should be able to do that and hold the focus attack every time. Then, practice dashing out of a focus attack, hold it for different lengths of time, and be able to dash whenever needed. Then, start slowly and do your DP, FADC, then learn to add the ultra after.
  • Make sure you’re holding down Focus Attack long enough. If I mess up an FADC, this is always what I did wrong. Make sure you visually see a dash before you let go.
  • Lastly, keep very clean motions, even the slightest mashing can completely mess up your combo, and you’ll miss what you were trying to do entirely.
  • And I repeat, PRACTICE.

Hopefully those tips help, if you need anything more specific, just ask, I’ve learned them fairly recently so I know some of the problems you could be having.

Say you’re Ryu:

Do a Shoryuken, then IMMEDIATELY hold Y+B (On 360) and tap forward. It just requires practice, took me a while to get it down decently and yet I still have more work to do! Let me know how this works for you, friend.

An easy way to do it is to hit the direction you want to dash (either forward or back)+mk+mp. Then you’ll just have to hit the direction one more time for the dash to come out. Its easier than hitting focus only then double tapping a direction.

This took me forever to get. I just figured a way that works for me. Say you want to srkxxfadc or fireballxxfadc as soon as the special hits, double tapp forward and mp+mk. To clearify forwardx2 and mp+mkx2. The hardest part still is get it to come out every time I want it to. Double tapping in general is a really effective technique. Also vesperarcade has a great [media=youtube]8Z4GIxVMw1I&feature=related"[/media] the fadc part starts at 3:10.

I was just about to mention Vesperarcade’s tutorial. I absolutely would not recommend waiting to see the dash as the game engine has a mechanic that stores a dash when you input the double-forward when focusing. Otherwise you might add unnecesary inputs (mash-dashing) when the game already received the dash input.


you can hold the focus as early as you like wait for contact then tap dash. Lots of training is needed any extra movement or mashing is going to make it harder in the long wrong. Try not to jump the gun as well.

Just keep doing it. I know it may seem like it causes you to lose more than anything but eventually it will become second nature. I would say use it as a defense tool at first. Get use to doing it and dash canceling it when someone jumps in on you with a HK. Go into training mode and practice dash canceling it if that helps. Just make the npc do a j.hk or j.hp. Once you get use to using it defensively then start using it offensively. Try something simple like s.hk>fadc>s.hk. Its not really effective in fights that way but it will get you use to using it offensively. Then start doing srk>fadc>srk or something.

Make sense?

hold in the focus attack until youre sure youre going to dash that helped me.

take it slow too

step 1:
practice shoryuken with a cancel

then add a fadc

then add ultra

do each 10 times perfectly on each side, then practice on your strategy on how to implement it

@Mr.Bauce, pm sent.

good thing I found this thread. Thanks to this advice I should get FADC down and it is good to know that it took some of you guys awhile to get the hang of it. For a moment I felt I was the only one with that problem.

yeah good to know i’m not alone. While practicing, I can always pretty much do it but the problem for me is actually using it while i’m playing online. I don’t know if it’s my reaction time or just cause its not in my hard memory yet? Does anyone or “did” any of you guys have the same problem?

my problem is i never dash out of the focus attack in time hehe, forget it to got presss forward one more time after a normal special :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have been working HARD on my FADC’n here recently. I JUST got the hang of it. No lie. I landed my first DP/FADC/Ultra in a ranked match like a week and a half ago. I couldn’t get the tips I was looking for, so I found a little method.

If you are missing the dash once you focus after an attack, here is what I did.

Forget the attack after the FADC, just work on the dash out. I kept on trying to jumble all the stick motions together at once, ex., I would DP, Focus attack, then I would be putting in QC’s for the ultra.

If you break it down in your head, step by step, instead of just thinking DPFACDULTRA think of it as Landing the first move, then FA, then dash out, then ultra or whatever you follow up with.

Difficulty with FADC is born more of frustration than any real problems with execution, in my opinion. Doing your FADC right and doing your FADC wrong in the beginning don’t really “feel” any different, and that can piss a lot of people off. It takes a lot of practice to get to the point where you can tell exactly where you’re getting it wrong, so be prepared to repeat things hundreds of times in a row if need be.

Sometimes the best practice is no practice. It gave me problems for a long while, so I just stopped trying it for an extended time. I came back after awhile, and BAM, I could do it, nearly every time. It didn’t really make much sense to me at the time, but I’ve come to believe that your mind can work out the kinks on its own. I had done the inputs so many times that the muscle memory was there, but the subtleties eluded me. After I got it right the first time, it stuck.

So yeah, don’t be afraid to step away from the stick for awhile if things start really pissing you off.

Practice. Get with a person who lives nearby and get him to help you with it. Having someone right there to walk you through it makes a world of difference.

its really easy, on pad or a stick…

you just have to know when to cancel the attack with the focus attack since different attacks cancel at different areas, then learn how to double dash quickly. lastly you want to learn how to follow up whatever you just cancelled.

practice makes perfect :wink:

The problem for me though is not executing the FADC after a SRK. I have trouble implementing it in a online game! I guess it’s just not hard wired into my muscle memory yet. Man, after seeing the pros play on youtube, it’s insane how quick their reaction time is for things like FADC and little things like botched/blocked SRKs and FADC outta that so they don’t get punished…