FADC Ultra 1 weird problem - Please Help!



So I got a new stick about a week ago (Hori Real Arcade Pro V3:SA) due to my old madcatz stick finally crapping out on me. Cody is my go-to alt and my H.ruffian kick FADC Ultra 1 is doing something I’ve never seen before. Instead of doing ultra 1, a regular or Ex Criminal Upper comes out depending on if I have the meter or not. Does anyone know why this is happening or have ever had this happen to them? Also, this only happens with ruffian kick, not Ex Zonk.

(Btw, don’t ask stupid questions like if I know how to do the command or other garbage like that. I’ve done it hundreds of times in games and training room and this happens about 90% of the time.)


I’ve had this happen to me and even seen it in matches with pros. I have no idea why it happens exactly, but slow down your inputs. I always thought that HK Ruffian point blank caused the opponent to go behind you for a moment, but I never figured it out really (never tried to).

Just slow down your ultra input or do it slightly later


yeah that’s what I thought too but I thought it can’t be true. Thanks for your input, that helped a lot =) just sucks that im doing it too fast lol, i have the same problem with rufus!


Do qcb, qcf, ppp instead then, that oughta slow you down a bit.


I think it has something to do when you’re very close to them and cross under for a couple frames when you dash forward. Mostly happens when you anti air ruffian into FADC U1.


Same thing happens with Evil Ryu if you do SRK FADC, Ultra I too fast - you get an EX Shakunetsu Hadouken. Just delay pressing the punch buttons a bit.


Yeah sometimes I even get back teleport some how D: