FADC Ultra difficulties

I’m having a few troubles with execution. (Ryus) with the TE Stick.

It seems I have trouble with the dashing part. Seems after I do the shoryuken, I’ll either hit the button too fast and just launch a focus attack without dashing, or ill just mess up altogether.

I’ve practiced it in bits before. I have alot of trouble doing it on the P2 side.

Also, when I’m trying to execute a shoryuken, then dash after the FA, I jiggle the control stick too much. I’m trying to be precise, but it seems like it all happens to fast and I NEED to be very fast.

Thoughts? I’m having a few thoughts about going back to the pad.

I’ve had this issue. The solution I found was to HOLD MP+MK when you do the cancel, all the way through the dash and just release it before you do the ultra. Never launched a focus attack after that point.

I’d suggest practising srk fa dash, just focus on the dash for a moment. after the dash just press :df::df::3p:

The timing isn’t as strict as you might think actually, I used to do it too fast.

After you do the motion for the srk, continue to hold towards your opponent. While holding this hit the mp+mk to begin your focus attack.

Then all you need to do is let go and press toward your opponent one time for the dash to come out. Then just ultra afterwards. That might make the dashing part easier. It also works with a hadouken if you choose to ex hadouken fadc ultra as well.

Aside from that all you need to do is practice practice practice. Soon the motions and doing it will just become muscle memory. Stick with the TE imo, after you get comfortable with that you will never go back to pad

You don’t need to hold it…tapping is fine as long as you dash quick enough. If you hold the df from the dp motion until after you hit focus, it will count as the first forward motion of the dash. Then you just need to hit forward once more to complete the dash. Can also press F+focus and that will count as the first forward, also.

edit: wow…i’m slow.

This will make things MUCH easier. Thanks.

Do i need to be very fast or can I actually hold down MP+MK and quickly dash once, because i’ve been trying to just dash and hit mp+mk at the same time thinking I had to be extremely fast.

Do the SRK then make sure you go back to neutral before tapping f+mp+mk once. If you don’t get a dash and do the FA you’re probably rushing and not going back to neutral after the srk.

this is all you need to know right here. the problem with holding mp+mk until the dash animation is that it causes some bad habits if you want to fadc other things that require faster input.

watch how Justin does it very fluid http://youtube.com/watch?v=rlkXJNkD7UE its about 2 minutes in which he he does srk fadc ultra


I cant actually seem to get the FA to cancel the shoryuken. I know its RIGHT when it hits, but im not sure if im doing it too early or too soon.

I cant seem to break the habit of panicing with his TE stick though. Not good. I try dashing out of the FA and only then is the guy already on the ground. Havent gotten to the ultra part.

Wonder if the pad is easier.

slow down your movements, break the FADC ultra into components. first get the SRK FADC to work, dont worry about the rest. once you get that, start slowing down your controls to ensure a single dash, instead of two. finally, once you can get ryu to SRK FADC with one dash out, start working in the ultra.

could you please list the exact movement you’re describing. I’m curious how many forward movements you’re pressing and when. I’m trying to work on this too and cut out all my unnecessary inputs

that’s exactly how i do it. i just tap mp+mk and dash at the same time. it’s not 99% accurate for me but when i do tighter timings with fadc like akuma’s lp dp>fadc~hp shaku, i make sure i do a dp and end it with a forward input and it works every time.

Slow it down. FADCing out of specials, even one-hit specials are not a one frame input. Ther’s plenty of leniency.

Additionally, you have a lot of time whilst your opponent is hanging in the air to pull off your ultra with Ryu. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t, 'cause it’ll miss) input the ultra as soon as you’ve FADCed.

so wait, are most of you buffering the dash inputs or not? does anyone actually double-tap forward out of FA to dash or is that what’s slowing me down?

A lot of people buffer one forward motion beofre the FA, and one after in order to dash out.

Personally, I just tap (not hold) FA and then dash. It depends how you like to do it.

as demonstrated by Justin, especially with jab and short, everyone should at least get in the habit of hitting those buttons with your index AND pointer held together.think of it as as one big finger. it is more deliberate, you will hit links consistently, you cant mash and it prevents your from rushing too far ahead and hitting MP+MK too soon. try and not use your thumb either, save it for other games on your 360 pad.

They are right, take it one step at a time. Working on the fadc part first

:r: :d: :df: + :p: (hold :r:) :mp: + :mk: then just tap :r: and the dash should come out.

Its tricky to learn but will make your fadc come out faster and will be easier to do when you learn it

hope this helps a bit.

It’s pretty simple to figure out. You do the FA after the SRK hits, but before you leave the ground. If you if have problems having enough time to ultra after the dash, I somehow doubt you are doing it too early.

Remember the guide I linked that you said didn’t help you? The same advice stands in this case.


Although I’m not convinced you aren’t trolling (given your past in the noobie forum), on the chance this is real, check out the guide I linked again. Improving execution is not rocket surgery. A number of users here have helped you with these sort of issues before, only to have you come back and ask another similar question.

Although it’s true the point of this sub forum is to help with noobie questions, on the grander scale it’s to help new players learn how to help themselves.

I don’t really agree with you here. Using my thumb works great for me in a lot of instances. FDACing with index and middle finger would be really awkward for me.

Different strokes for different folks.

i fadc with my middle and thumb

but its whatever is comfortable for you