FADC Ultra difficulties

for newer players, if you can get in the habit early, try to NOT use your thumb to hit buttons and use your pointer+middle.

the reason , in addition to the ones already stated is that you then next logically learn to double tap and plink

of course, if you can consistently hit links and combos etc the way you already do, then, no need to change it because execution is not an issue

I don’t think any of your reasons to avoid using the thumb have any merit.

I personally don’t find using the thumb for a lot of things comfortable, but there isn’t some inherent disadvantage in using it like you describe. Just because Justin doesn’t use it, doesn’t mean others can’t.

point well taken and acknowledged. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…if you can hit 1 frame links and FADC ultra consistently while using your thumb, then stick with it i’ve seen many players with good execution use and not use their thumbs to focus,** but very few if any i have noticed use the thumb to press a button in a string or use to cancel short into uppercut ** an analogy, there are many ways to hit a baseball, but if you have a problem in your swing, there are certain basic bad habits you should drop and certain good fundamental habits you should try to implement i myself have horrible execution. but i was coached to use just pointer middle and ring and it has helped greatly… still not there, but im slowly making it there

Ryu’s fadc ultra isn’t that fast but it’s also not that slow either. Best advice I can give you, start out with someone that gives you an even bigger window. Best (IMO) option: Gouken. Then just practice EX DP (senkugoshoha) and FADC after he pops them up and ultra. It’s very easy because the DP takes a little while so you can have a breather, same goes for the ultra (unless you want the 3-hit).
After that you can go back to ryu or try out rufus, the messiah to short followup to fadc ultra. It’s about the same speed as ryu’s fadc ultra in the cancelling but the messiah gives you a short breather and makes it easier to focus on the focus (har har…)

Always remember, you don’t have to be in such a rush. A mate misses his rufus messiah fadc ultra half the time (or more) because he’s too damn impatient :smiley:

This may also seem obvious, but I would suggest you try and learn the combo without mashing. Trying to mash out the FADC or Ultra will make it harder for you to preform the combo consistently and hurt your execution in the long run. When you attempt the combo, make sure that the buttons and motions you input were only the ones needed to pull off the combo.

A few things that i’ve noticed with my FADC misses is that i don’t always do clean shoryuken motions, you get supers all the time when you do it. I would do a clean shoryuken movement :r: :d: :df: and then add :r: at the end to prepare for the :r: FA :r:

The second part is needing to watch the SRK contact the player, sometimes i don’t really time it when it contacts, i just do the motions and mess up the vital FADC part. I suggest watching the screen carefully after FADC so you can see and hear when the Shoryuken hits, and you get a feeling of when you can FADC it, i’m alot calmer when i watch for that.

Last the Metsu Hadouken part, if after a perfect FADC you’re still stuffing it up i suggest filling both meters to infinite if you haven’t already, then doing METSU Hadoken over and over, when i was stuffing up the FADC continuously i realized i couldn’t even doing Metsu hadoken perfectly after my first go, i’d miss all the time, pressing 3 buttons at the same time and doing a clean motion 10-100 times in a row is a good goal to aim for.