FADC vs. Cross Ups

So, I’m fairly competent with the FADC setups that fall within the offensive situations i.e. your most basic SRK+FADC+Ultra. But I’ve never really talked or heard much talk, about FADC situations on the defensive end. In particular, cross ups.

When I play my Guile, and I happen to FADC and encounter a cross up situation (whether it was the right thing to do or not), I honestly don’t have a solid reason for dashing forward or backwards. There is no true intent… because really, I don’t know what’s right or not.

If I somewhat freak out and tell myself, “dash away!”, and I input the dash - I end up going the opposite way. But then sometimes I don’t.

What are your thoughts on FADC encountering cross up situations? What’s the best follow up options for such situations? Because frankly, I just go brain fart and hope I don’t get punished severely for my lack of understanding.