FADC, Why am I so bad at it?

I have nasty issue of not being able to dash after a FA.

By the time my dash comes out the player has already finished crumbling, So I usally resort to mashing dash which leads to me dashing twice and them crumbling anyways.

When I dont mash I try dashing right after FA contact and it never comes out.

Am I fucking up the timing that bad or is it very specific?

The way I time it is by pressing forward/backward as the FA makes contact. Quickly press the direction once more and the dash should come out.

You can input the dash once you’ve released the buttons for the FA. The dash will buffer and execute as soon as it can.

Hold down the buttons after the normal focus attack or before it hits and then dash. That was my problem with it. Hit the stick real quick and immediately, like less than a second later attack. Also note that sakura and other shotos can chump somemody after a focus pretty badly. HP srk (df, df hp. Shortcut motion, daigo uses it, so you dont have to feel scrubby about it.) or you can throw/ hold- does she still have her head crunch hold? if so you can set up some nasty things with it. its like kens old knee bash.

You will never become consistent with anything if you mash it and don’t learn the timing. Practice smart and you will improve.

Thanks, think I have it down for the most part now. I noticed that my my dashes were coming out alot as df. f. or df. df. rather than just f.f. so I wouldnt get the dash.

That’s what I would have said. You probably suck at dashing.

Go to training mode and look at your inputs then adjust your motion until you do it correctly.

Check this video out:

The 4th section is entitled “Dragon Punch FADC Buffering”. It shows how you can buffer the dash by using the last input of the Dragon punch as the first forward of the dash. Then section 5 shows the entire basic FADC into Ultra.

The video:

All inputs and text guide of the video can be viewed here:
Ryu’s Metsu Hadouken Setups - SF4/SSF4

Hope it helps you!

I know it’s easy to say, but practice. You seem to have got it down now though, from your previous post. I find visual cues help. As soon as your character has reached the extent of their FA attacking animation, e.g Ryu’s arms stretching, dash precise and fast. Don’t forget you can buffer specials/ultras while dashing so they’ll come out as soon as your dash ends; get up in them guts.

Oh! I didn’t know you could do this, I’m having such a hard time w/ Guy’s EX Hozanto into Ultra 1… Thanks for the info, I’m gonna try it out.

Are you referring to the last half of Guys Trial 24? That is EX Hozanto FADC Ultra. The part I mentioned was in reference to a crumple after a FA.

Yes, something like that. Generally EX Hozanto into Ultra1 is giving problems as the move seem so fast(or I’m just slow)