FADC without mashing?

So recently I’ve been trying out a few characters trying to find the right one. In a lot of these character FADC is almost essential and pretty much needed in their game. With Balrog it wasn’t so much of an issue as he didn’t really have much that could be FADC’d. So anyway. I don’t find the actual FADC bit hard, its the bit that comes after (ultra, another combo etc.) I find when I’m doing the FADC, it’s all a bit of a mash. Even when I try to concentrate and not mash, I still do, but everytime the FADC will happen without a problem. The problem is the bit after an FADC. I don’t know if I’m panicking and trying to do it too quick and therefore mashing, but is there a certain way to practice FADC properly and train your hands into doing it properly and cleanly? because that is my ultimate aim. To be able to do every input cleanly and only pressing a button once, not having a punch button come out 7/8 times when trying to do a shoryuken :L

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

As long as it isn’t influencing your input for next move I don’t see why it would be a problem

this is how i practiced it to get it down

srk then focus attack

once i had that motion down (do it like 30-40 times) i would do this next:

srk, fa, dash. Do it about 30-40 times on each side, maybe do more on the left side. ONLY HIT FORWARD TWICE, IF YOU MASH THE DASH INPUT START OVER FROM 1.

srk, fa, dash, ex hadoken (one quarter circle to help train your muscle memory, use all three punches)

srk, fa, dash, metsu hadoken

train each step of the way individually. If you notice youve gotten to a certain point and cant help being sloppy then slow down. Slow down and dont worry about doing it fast enough to actually do it. If theres one thing playing music for over 10 years has taught me, its that doing things slowly and completely accurately is the only way to be able to do things very quick.

favor the left side more, because its harder and you need to train it more.

im in a similar situation right now, ive noticed ive been kind of sloppy with some of my execution so im in training mode doing things like this(chun specific) and its definitely paying off, some of the problems have been completely corrected already :slight_smile:

This is exactly the type of reply I was looking for. Thanks a f**cking bunch man! I’ve been looking for something to train my memory with but it was all mashy and not good. I will definitely be giving this a go tomorrow. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

just settle down & concentrate. Think about what you’re doing/don’t spaz & mash.

it helps to do it enough that you no longer have to think about it… I used to panic/freeze up and start pressing random buttons because it’s like you aren’t certain about what to do next. I still do, but just not as much anymore