I’m interested in learning how to FADC, but I can’t seem to get it down. I’m just not sure how the correct input looks or is done. I’ve watched videos but it just doesn’t make sense, so perhaps someone here can explain it better? Also, are FADC’s truly necessary to play at higher levels of difficulty? And, can they be used for something more interesting than a quick Ultra or Fireball combo?

EDIT: Sorry, should’ve mentioned I play on a 360 controller. Please don’t burn me for that.

Do your move and hold MP+MK. It will automatically cancel it as early as possible. Then you just hit backback or forwardforward to dash. It is very very easy when you get the hang of it.

Yes it is absolutely necessary.

You can use it for alot of things like making your shoryus/flashkicks safe, FADCing fireballs early to bait fireball punishes, and using it for surprise resets.

So it’s basically just dash canceling while doing the move, or directly after? Either way, sounds a lot simpler than I made it out to be, thanks.

It will cancel the move directly after it lands. So if you do a Shoryuken and hold MP+MK, provided you aren’t too far away (airborne), it will hit the other player and immediately cancel. Once you know the timing for the cancel, doing the dash is easy.

The timing for fireball FADCs is a bit different, it cancels when the fireball leaves your hand rather than when it lands.

Wow thanks, that’s really all to it, huh? Hopefully I get to test it out when I get on later tonight.
Thanks again :smiley:

I had some issues starting out with FADCing when I first got my joystick, and learned through various sources about how friendly the game was with inputs.

I find it easier if you input your special, and hit the first forward of your dash right as you hit the focus, then tap forward again and FADC right out with no issues [after some practice that is.]
For example:
:qcf: :p: [or any move that you can FADC with properly.] at the point you want to FADC with hit :r: and focus at the same time. Now just simply tap :r: again, and you will hop right out of your focus attack, ready to deal damage.
Hope that helps! Many people have their own styles and shortcuts for FADC, youtube is especially great for these. Most of the inputs they describe work just fine on a controller, too.

If your game came with an instructional manual, the answer is also there as well.

One use of FADC is to escape wakeup pressure while getting up. If you are knocked down and your enemy is standing over you, you can mash your reversal move like a Shoryuken, Flashkick, Cannon Spike, Etc and FADC backwards. If it hits, you get a knockdown. If it is blocked, you immediately back dash away to avoid being punished on the way down. But it takes 2 bars.