So I bought a 360 8 button stick, got it customized and dual modded (I might get a 360 today). However, I find myself completely ass when playing SSFIV and have been in training mode for a while now. I just find it almost near impossible to do anything after FADC. E.G Srk -> Fadc -> Stand still and maybe have a sandwich.

Are you dash-cancelling the Focus attack?
You have to dash cancel (tap towards or back x2) in order to do something other than complete the focus attack animation.

Just keep playing with it for a while and you’ll get used to it eventually.

Yeah, I am dash cancelling. I just find it very awkward. I used to play on PS2/3 pads for years.

Most people press forward WHILE inputting the focus attack, so that you only have to press forward one more time.
i.e. SRK > Forward + Focus Attack > Forward > U1