None really. Every match I’ve lost is due to my own faults in execution or lack of experience.

Sounds like you got fucking outplayed.

Winkawaks,Kaillera, Me vs Azis.

I lose.
Why ?
Kawaks incorrect emulation speed+Lag=God tier ST Vega.

well im on Mame right now just look for shadow ace on it

(i hope i wont get in trouble for saying this)

im a fan of the taunt in the face of genei-jin active yun…

Once i Almost made a Solo Sent comeback on a Full Msp, i brought it down to just sentinel & Psylocke, and the Psylocke did a Whiff Nailstorm super, and i just waited for her to recover, then i dash up hk, but i went to the other side of her cause i did the dash up too early. I would’ve been legendary if i had done it. Oh well.

I was playing CvS2 at the arcade, and was up with K-BlankaR2 vs K-SagatR2. I had the round down to a jab and ran in to get in range for some safe pokes but just as I started to run the guy randomly shot out a qcf,qcf+P super and took me out before I could get out of run animation. >_<


Since when does losing for having shit execution mean you should have won?

every time i ever lost to blaziniflo. for 500 dollars. yeah i lost a lot of money. fuck.

wtf was wrong with me…i hate the break honestly.

and no im not re-challenging him, im really done with money match challenges.

when i played ruu at arcana heart

it was final round with the clock at 5 seconds left
i hit him with crouching A crouching B

after that i choked and did a special move that does not combo right after
had i followed up with a crouching C into air combo, i would have won :sad:

There are 2 crybabies for each person that admits defeat, apparently. Interesting…

Do online matches that end cause pussies quit out count?

3rd Strike-Xbox Live, I’m Hugo facing some Remy. The guy had good control of the match and was taunting the whole time too.

Ends up with him having about less than half his health, and me having virtually none at the end of the 3rd round, about to lose.

We’re full screen across from each other. He throws a low-ex-light of virtue, then taunts, intending to end the fight that way.

I shootdown backbreak across the screen, over the projectiles, land next to him during his taunt, and catch him with gigas.

The bitch quits. :arazz:

I had a tie due to judgement in the kof xi tourney at NEC7, but the match was given to my opponent due to the fact that his LEADER was his last character, and my leader had died beforehand. I’m not saying I should have won, but I think that a 4th match should have occured to determine the true winner.

every match i’ve ever played in the past 2 1/2 years

MvC2, last saturday @ CF. Lost my Storm to a capcom AA… it was all downhill from there >_<

I remember fighting some Chinese guy…it was the last round, last hit wins pretty much. He rolled into my Athena and saw the roll the entire time, but I tried to throw too early, when he was not in throw range. So…a far C came out instead and he did Clark command super and won. Pretty bullshit considering I reacted to his mistake, just a bit too early.

evo 2k6. tekken5.


semi-finals in a CVS2 tournament I participated in a handful of months ago

the guy I was playing had a N-Rock/Iori/Blanka team against my N-Hibiki/Iori/Blanka team. it was best 2/3 and both games came really close.

I lost both games because when we got to our final players (my Blanka Vs. his Rock), I started to get really impatient. He played on the defense a whole lot and I made a couple of big mistakes that cost me both matches. When I became impatient I started doing random attacks with Blanka, which he punished with Rock’s Shining Knuckle (?) super.

Usually when I’m beating a Makoto by a huge margin.

One grab= you lose.