Failed to send match results [80001]/failed to retrieve data [40001]


I get this error after every single match that I play, be it casual, ranked, or battle lounge. I still gain LP, exp, and fight money though.
I tried to open up some ports in my router and to look if something was blocking the connection, but everything looks regular.
Any help?


It happens to me too but if you still get your rewards, you shouldn’t worry about it.


Yeah but it’s annoying. Also, the second error that I get generates a spike in lag for like 5 seconds or so…
I’m on PC with a wired connection


Gravedigging a bit but whatever

At the moment I am connected to my modem through a powerline and, apparently, that’s the cause of the issue. If I connect through Wi-fi, those two errors don’t pop up.
The powerline shouldn’t change my NAT type, and my pc is set up with DMZ anyway.

Do you have any suggestion about what I could try to make it work?


Yep… as long as exp and fight money isn’t lost I don’t care. I have gone through sets when I got nothing because of the error.