Fair? There's TWO Of Them: The Ice Climbers Thread

I used to hate them, but I gotta say, Ice Climbers are friggin awesome. I never bothered to get good with them in Melee, but I’ve decided to dedicate some time to get good with them in Brawl. So far I’ve got their desyncing “Ice Lock” down and their linking chain throws.

The item setups the OP listed seem kinda cool (especially like the idea of two sided fan slaps lol) but I doubt any items will be allowed in high level smash play so I’m not too worried about learning them. I’m trying to get the timing down on desynced, alternating downsmashes, the first one not charged and the second one half charged. Trying to link em for up to 50+ damage in 2 hits, that would be sick if I ever get the timing right. Trying to learn how to desync quicker than I currently do.


I feel like resurrecting this thread, so here are some things to get started.

Thread on Desynchs:

Vid on some IC tactics::


Some matches:



Dthrow- You can repeat Dthrows until a certain percent that varies amongst characters, and it only requires one IC.

Dthrow into Fair- Just like repeated Dthrows this only works until a certain percent. If the opponent is still standing after the Fair you can regrab, but if the opponent hits the floor then you can do a follow up. You can also use this to spike the opponent while next to the ledge, but you must hit the Fair while the opponent is directly under you.

Dthrow into squall hammer- Do a Dthrow and make one IC do a solo squall hammer, and when that one ends make the other IC do a squall hammer, and keep alternating between the two. This can be done all the way to the end of the stage

Ice block lock- After a Dthrow into Fair CG you can desynch the IC’s and make them shoot evenly spaced out ice blocks which will keep your opponent infinitely stunned. If you make one IC jump and shoot an ice block to the far side of your opponent it will pop them back to you resulting in a true infinite. Here’s a video on it:


Alternating throws- This is an infinite that works on every character, but the timing is difficult and varies on the percent and the character you’re fighting against. First you grab with one IC, then do a Fthrow, Bthrow, or Dthrow, then grab with the other IC.

Double smash throw- This is a good way to rack up damage and KO your opponent. You simply just grab with one IC and attack with the C-stick. This results in Popo doing grab hits while Nana does smashes. After Nana does the second smash it’ll knock the opponent out of Popo’s hand.

Charged smash throw- This is a good way to get off a fully charged smash attack for an easy KO. Simply grab with one IC and then hit the C-stick in any direction for a smash while hold Z, which will result in you charging your smash while the opponent is still grabbed.

Squall hammer throw- Grab with Popo then tilt the control stick very slightly to the side and make Nana do a solo squall hammer. She should knock them behind Popo so he can turn around and regrab them. This can be done until very high percents.

Here’s a vid showing how to do some of these CG’s:


nice thread, nice vids

should I first fully learn playing sync’ed IC and then go for desync stuff?

Learn how to utilize their full move set first, then learn how to CG, then learn how to desynch.

So here’s something i figured out while playing these two (don’t know if this is common knowledge or not). anyway if you get a grab on someone around the ~70% level do the alternating grab so that nana is the one holding the opponent. make her do the u-throw, and immediately after tossing them in the air jump up with popo to follow, do your 2nd jump so nana also takes to the air and finish them off with an up+b. its a pretty guaranteed star ko on any char if theyre hit by it.

Sounds like an interesting way to get an early KO, but I would rather continue with the CG to get their percent higher then KO them.

yeah that’s true. you can keep CGing them, but i find it harder at higher percentages to keep it going. i usually just do the CG and what not at early percents because it’s easier to pull off. so in my case once i get them at the high enough damage percent i just bust off the nana upthrow to belay bc its very effective at koing since theyre so high up in the air anyway and belay smashes out very nicely.

but yeah to each their own, but you should try it out and see if you get the same results as me bc imo its really beefy

I wonder if the mods would let me make another IC’s thread because this one is pretty dead.

Really good IC guide.

Iceclimbers double reppuken FTW.

I always avoided the Ice Climbers but since I have no main (still) I’m willing to give them a chance. I noticed that they have some ridiculously strong moves, and my mouth dropped when I saw that their D smash does 40%. I think I should just try to get a feel for their moveset before I try to do any advanced techs. They have a very high learning curve and I’ll probably lose quite a bit before I ever get good with them but the reward is well worth it.

Yeah, the IC’s do have a high learning curve, and their main strength lies within the ridiculous amount of damage they can do, so all the practicing pays off. To bad they have so many bad match-ups, especially against the higher tiered characters. The best thing to do in my opinion is to pick one main to learn the ins and outs of, then use the entire roster as your secondaries. This way if you run into a match-up you can’t deal with your main character, you will at least have some kind of character to counter theres. And if you plan on playing the IC’s, secondaries are more of a rule than an exception.

How do you attack with Nana and Popo at the same time while desynched? Is it possible or do you have to alternate attacks?

If the IC’s are attacking at the same time then their synched, if they’re attacking at different times then their desynched. So yes you do have to alternate attacks to keep them desynched. You can make them do two different attacks at the same time, but you’ll end up resynching soon afterwards.

Ahh I see, thanks. The desynching is a little tricky, but I should be able to get it down when I get used to the IC’s moveset.

hmm I didnt kno about reverse grab and side bdesynch. i just learned stuff off of youtube from this guy named void and used common sense >_>;. imo ic’s are just plain fun to play with. I just think that squall recovery got nerfed and that solo pimpo play when ur ho dies is harder. but other than that, cgs are easy to do and rack damage. alt grabs are hard to do tho =/. I think if you can desynch into utilt spam, you can do some crazy damage. I dunno how i did it but i got my friends fox from 0 to 70 in about 4 secs with alternating utilts. too bad i can’t confirm since i don’t have a wii. omg desynching is so fun messing with people’s heads

Void posts in the IC boards on SWF fairly often, he isn’t that hard to find if you need advice.

I’m pretty horrible using IC, but there are some things I’ve noticed. Hopefully other people haven’t said these things…

Delayed sync allows you to do lagging (and continuous) forward B that can rack up some nice and easy damage.

Dwon throw with Popo then forward be with only Nana. This allows you do dash and grab again with Popo. Only really works with low percentages, but it works. I can’t chain grab, so this is the closest thing I have to it.