Fairfield CA TILT Tournament 4/26/08

Keeping it consistant as always!!!


Sign ups:** Start at 10 am and end at 2 p.m TOURNE WILL START AT 2:30 p.m

Entry Fee:** $5 plus Single Token play


Westfield shoppingtown mall
1372B Solano Mall
Fairfeild, CA 94533

Hope all can make it.

ah shit another one begins

haha yup.

I gotta get to school now but if someone could please get this thread sticky’d I would be forever greatful and thank you!

I’ll be in there again.

Make it happen, get serious!

can I run this one. I hate having to run back to the counter

wow that was fast! another one begins! 10am…hmm time to practice! i have a secret team for you CJ! beware son!

uh oh…secret team huh

Do i hear another money match???

for 20$ maybe, let’s make it SERIOUS!

$20 huh!..man why you gotta make it dramatic between you and me?..I’M IN!!! lol…I’ll think about $20, that is if i think I’ve improved during my matches and practice rounds and shit! i gotta stop playing GGAC for a week or two!

Nice, sounds like a deal too me.

I gotta make it dramatic man< it’ll make us play harder yo. Money on the line means, SHIT GOES DOWN SON!

Alright 707 crew let’s run it back!

I will be there FA SHOOOOoooo!!!
Will also to talk to the guys to get them out there for the battle!:karate:

Yeah, lets run it back! You guys are mad cool, lets do it again.

maybe i should practice for this one =D. want to get some casuals with non-fairfield cat’s. think there will be time for casuals before or after the tourney?? i need more experience playing other people and also want to pull some silly random gimmicks with raiden on new people >=)

p.s. john b needs to teach me how to use chang!!! all i know is random supppperrr!!

hmm as for MM goes…im broke so i only got like $5…i’ll do $1 MM’s until my $5 runs out xD.

any one not from the 7o7 like to mm?

Sup dood… Are you that K groover with Chang, Raiden, and Geif!?

If so, you’re damn good man!

1$ MM’s??? 3 out 5 win by 7 right!? Lmao! I am down! For real though! I’ll show up early again.

The Green Plug vs. Jeff


Two MM’s already


hehe tell you the truth jding and mashing out 360’s isnt all that skillful =) that’s why i pick those guys cuz they’re easy (exception of chang).

did i play you before the tourney? i remember play orochi(i think), and C-groover gief,…,r2 bison

fa’sho man. maybe we can get a lil MM before/after the tourney. usually interesting stuff happens during MM. just let me know

Way to make us people who get pwned by that stuff feel better. :arazz:

foreal!..jeff has skills!

Yessir, Raiden spits that HOT fire and i be gettin hit with that shit all the damn time.


<3 chang, whore choi, mini-jump ball, corner, anit-air, super jump strong, guard break string, the usual, parry get off me, jd? lol

if EDDIE were in CVS2 I’d beat him up!.. bcuz EDDIE is buff!