Fairfield CA Tilt Tourney 4/22/07 Full Results

Fairfield Tilt Tourney 4/22/2007 FULL RESULTS!

Marvel v.s. Capcom 2 (18 Entries)

1st. Crizzle
2nd. Randy Lew "NanoBoi"
3rd. Herman
4th. Larry S. "Secret Warrior"
5th. Tinh Ngo "Santhrax Beast"
5th. Hydro
7th. Venkat
7th. Som
9th. Chucky
9th. Tyram
9th. Impulsze
9th. Kevin B.
13th. Tharimrattler
13th. Tech Master
13th. Scrubkiller
13th. Felix "Goten"
17th. Jesse
17th. Rene
Capcom v.s. Snk 2** (16 Entries)

1st. Tyram - K Blanka, Cammy, R2 Sagat
2nd. Tharimrattler - C Ken, Terry, R2 Sagat
3rd. Hydro - K Blanka, Sagat, ???
4th. Larry S. - A Vega, Sakura, Rolento
5th. Kevin B
5th. Jeff
7th. Impulsze
7th. D. Roh "Nightwing"
9th. Rene
9th. JP
9th. Felix "Goten"
9th. Mackel "Bboykilo"
13th. Venkat
13th. Tech Master
13th. Chucky
13th. Jesse “Tetsuye”

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (9 Entries)

1st. Alex
2nd. Venkat
3rd. Hydro
4th. ROD
5th. Chris
5th. SAM
7th. Jared
7th. Derek
9th. JP

The King Of Fighters XI (8 Entries)

1st. Luis "tonchopilatos510"
2nd. Dan Thompson "Spider-Dan"
3rd. Tyram
4th. D. Roh "Nightwing"
5th. ROD
5th. Rene
7th. JP
7th. Federico

GG’s to everyone. good turnout, good matches, good comp. Thanks to everyone for coming out today and playing. Kof xi was hella fun as well as all the other games. nice meeting some new faces and seeing some old ones who i havnt seen in a while “Shrugs Senior Payaso”. lol but yeah hope everyone can come back for the next one. ill keep you all posted.

Vids will be up soon. i got footage, chucky got footage, The Game 2 got footage. lots of footage coming your way guys.

Thanks to Getyourtournament.com for coming threw and covering the tourney. here is the articles and interviews everyone done by Glenn. Thanks!

Thanks for coming everyone and see you next time.

Until the next Round



The King of Fighters XI

Tyram vs Spider-Dan Game 1

Tyram vs Spider-Dan Game 2

Tyram vs Nightwing

Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Capcom vs Snk 2

Larry s. vs Gnawsa losers bracket best of 1

Casuals: Nightwing vs Senior Payaso

Casuals: Tyram vs Senior Payaso

this post will be updated threw the couse of the day as the vids finnish uploading on youtube. ENJOY!

Damn Tyram won another tournament, if these was on Saturday this will not be happening because I would be there. JK good shit Tyram