Fairfield ca tilt tourney on March 18th!

Fairfield CA tilt tourney on March 18th!


street fighter 3rd strike
kof XI
Tekken 5 DR

GAMES WILL COST $5 TO ENTER (entry fee subject to change) 1 token play.


1372B Travis Blvd
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 426-5444


1st place 70%
2nd place 20%
3rd place 10%

Sign ups start at NOON games will start at 3:30 pm.

I’ll most likely go. I’m new to tournaments, is s3 played on an arcade or console ?


Iron Illan will be attending for MvC2. Anyone want to challenge or even money match me , this is the place to do it. Hopefully we get a good tournout. All you norcal marvel heads post up if you can make this.

Im down 4 $$$$ matches see u there.

Oh shit im bringing the RAM CAM.

lmfao’ the ram cam! oh shit cant miss that, we all know what happens when the ram cam is out lol :rofl:

yeah the best footage of people getting beasted on gets taped and shown on youtube for the world to see. its not what yo think. Also I had to come up with a niffty name for my cam so i chose that one.

Im down for some $$$$ too =]. See you there. peace.

i hear the buttons there have finally been changed from concave to convex, can anyone verify this please. Tyram? Lata

i’m also down for $$$ matches

yes, the buttons have been changed to convex.

hope everyone can make it. hope to see you all there. good luck to all.

To my brotha Iron Illan. Show them how we get down at FFA.
TWC style! Russian attack!!

Wurd up to Chunks. See yall at James Games april 14th. Hahah

tryram, i know i said i would never go there again, but, i think ima try to make it. So, most likely, see ya there dude. peace

i was gonna give korngo a ride but since your goin now can you do it?? i’d rather go to fairfield then MGL anyday

I’ll money match people that aren’t named Chunk.

good shit man. Hope to see you there.

yo guys also, I added a new section to the sign up sheets. it says “Area” that means that you need to put down your area code so that when the brackets get made you arn’t fighting your freind who came to the tourney with you. good luck yo yall. I may enter marvel and see what my santhrax and clockwork can do. Last time i got smashed on.

iron illan ftw! haha higher boy, highhherrr!! -finesse

new sticks in marvel