Fairfield CA,Westfield mall tilt Results!

3rd strike results

  1. Ringopan<b210> (urien, ken)
  2. Taeeeeeeeesty aka i cant even block unblockables (dudley, ken)
  3. A-rival (ryu)
  4. Nick “Orochi” (alex)
  5. Crizzle (chun-li)
  6. lintrix (urien)
  7. Ruben
  8. Mashfest
  9. Justin
  10. Reaver
  11. Aaron
  12. Chunk
  13. Adam

CVS2 results

1st. Tae Hong "Taesty"
2nd. Mikey R.
3rd. Ruben
4th. Tyler Ramil "Tyram"
5th.Kevin b.
5th. Mark Boatright "tharimrattler"
7th. Aoron hannon "Shinobi00"
7th. albert kim "Albertckim’
9th. Damion "D-Side"
9th. ahrmon Rudolph "Blkbrotha"
9th. Ryan T.
9th. George Maldonado "sin"
13th. Irvin
13th. josh P. “Josh P”


1st. Tae "Taesty"
2nd. Nick "the Orochi’
3rd. Justin Lui "JCYL29"
4th. kevin b.
5th. EJ
5th. Aoran hannon 'shinobi00’
7th. Brandon Allin
7th. D

MVC2 results

1st. The Chunksta
2nd. Iron Illan
3rd. Anthoneezy
4th. Albert Wu

There was a total of 16 entries. I cant make out how peole ranked in the tourney so I could only make out the top 4. sorry guys.


tekken did have a tourney but I didnt end up with the bracket sheet for that game at the end of the day. sorry.

I went 0 for 2 once again. Damn, maybe next time i will get a win.

I hope bringing my stools helped you guys out and everything. Until the next tourney.

thanks to all who helped run the games. I know that its not fun doing so but if we are gonna have these tourneys we need to have people t run the games. good shit to all and once again I hope everyone had a good time.

chunkkkkkkkkkkkstahhhhhhhhh again? hahah Let’s go Iron Illan!! Hopefully the next one will be gold.

Go Illan!! Team Westside Connection! Its good to see you still have time to play in tournaments where you live.:^)

god damn
tae almost ricky’d this entire tourney