Fairfield MVC2 8/20/05 Result

1st Randy Lew (Scrub,Storm,Sent,Cable,Rowtron)
2nd Nick Ballantine (Rowtron,Storm,Sent,Clyclops)
3rd Michael Rasphone (MSS,Magento,Sent,Clyclops,Scrub)
4th Tinh Ngo (Santhrax)
5th Ronal Lew (Scrub,Blackheart,Cable,Doom)
5th Ricky Nelson (Strider,Sentinel,Cammando)

So here is the full result and update:

Ronal Lew took Mikey Rasphone out first round and sent him to loser bracket (2-1) his blackheart was annoying =] (Nice stuff Ronal) =]

Tinh Sent Ricky to loser (2-0)

Nick Sent Ronal to loser (2-1) or (2-0)

Nick Sent Tinh to loser (2-1)

Randy Lew sent Nick to loser (3-2)

Tinh eliminate ricky nelson,ronal lew (2-0) (2-1)

Mikey took Tinh out (2-1)

Nick sent Mikey out (2-1) i think?

Grand Final Nick B vs Randy Lew First set (2-0) Second Set (0-2)

Side Notes : Mikey Sentinel = #1 hottest sentinel player ALIVE!
Nick your magento was crazy legs this time =] ( GOOD JOB for taking 2nd) Randy Lew : Your cable is still the hottest i love watching you play cable (lock it down) and to everyone else thanks for coming. Jhmar,Ricky and Dough its was nice talking to you guys. Very Cool =]

Tyler thanks for hosting the tourney

good shit randy

no practice and still beasting

Good shit Randy:tup: I want to learn Cable!!!

Iota Phi Bitches!

Randy Lew is NICE