Fairfield MVC2 results

1st **the chunksta ** aka rediculous magneto
2nd the cableGUY aka "whoa, i didnt think that would connect"
3rd **Randy “nanoboi” Lew **

good stuff guys, I hella wanted to go. We still gotta keep practicing though. Next stop PSM, hopefully.

cableGUY!!! a.k.a TWIN GLOCKS!!! kid is winning PSM… I SWEAR


Good shit, Chunksta.

Thnx for the props guys, i appreciate it :pleased: Good games to Cableguy aka The Rocket-Sock-Connection, Mikey Rasphone aka Sexy Sentinel, and to the rest i played =]. Tourney was fun, but it would be good if the sticks were at good condition =/. Alright, SEE YA’LL AT EVO!!! Peace.


Final Ranks Update -_-` (16 Mens Tournament)

1st Chunksta (MSS,Santhrax)
2nd Cableguy (Scrub,Storm,Sent,Cable)
3rd Randy Lew (Rowtron,Scrub)
4th Mikey Rasphone (Santhrax,Mag,sent,Clycops,MSP)
5th Tinh Ngo (Santhrax)
5th Nick Ballintine (MSP,Rowtron,Storm,Sent,Clycops)
7th Larry Smith (Mag,Storm,Tron)

Good stuff to chunk and cableguy for placing top 2. & Mikey sentinel is still the best sentinel EVER!!! UNBLOCKABLE!!!

Its was good seeing everyone there