Fairfield TILT tournament 5.27.07 (cvs2,mvc2,3s,T5dr,Kofxi)


ok the date is set and now its time for the info once again.


kof xi
t5 dr

entry fee: $5 a game/ single token play

Sign ups start at NOON and end at 2pm SHARP

tilt info:

1372B Travis Blvd
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 426-5444

Hope everyone can make it.

NOTE: I CAN NOT wait for special people to show up really late so please dont beg me to wait on you because i can not do that because of time problems. WHAT I CAN DO IS start taking money and doing the brackets on time and if you show up and there is a spot on the bracket for you to enter it is all good. i can not sign you up if you are not here because you may not show up in the end and we have had bad things happen in the past because of it. Please understand that im trying to be fair and reasonable here and not a pain. OTHER THEN THAT LETS GET THIS SHIT HYPE!!!


the newpark tilt is there againg!:wgrin:
Yo tyram could u please fax me or email a flyer to let the ppl know about it! thanks


don’t know if i’m going to make this one. I got hella stuff to do on that day. Sorry ram that’s when my martial arts tournament is. sigh… maybe another time though with my boys. ahahhahaha


Sunday Againg???


yup sorry. I can only do it on this day or on a friday.


w00t! there’s a good chance i can make this date! prepare to LOSE TYRAM…PREPARE…


time to refine my leet cvs2 skillz


the leet skills that i owned?


if you by any chance do have it on a Friday! what time would you most likely have it? either way i shall face you, YOU K- GROOVE MANIAC! i shall defeat you!


pfft. lol. you gonna enter in cvs2 for this one tinh? dont matter if you got that mvc2 reflex’s by the end of the match you gonna be callin’ Raiden daddy. :badboy: :lol: ::laugh very evil::


do i smell a money match? ^^ =]


lets see if my broke ass can scrounge up some change in time for the tourney.


money match ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiitttttt.


i shall bet $100 on…MEEEEEEEEEE! noooot…but hey why not! i like to do a money match with you guys!


yea wont be betting with big money just like 1$ matches or something. not trying to lose $35 like somebody i know 8)


lol fucking jeff man.


got work sunday


209 is coming down again!:looney:


acousre jeff i’m entering cvs2 if you remind me so i can own it up =] me and ram in the final for cvs2? tiger genocide?


[quote=“bboykilo, post:14, topic:24178”]

i shall bet $100 on…MEEEEEEEEEE! noooot…but hey why not! i like to do a money match with you gI see ur !

Hey I got $$$ matches on KOF XI amy one 1 or 5 or 10 a piece! let me know! man and fridays would be soo much better!@