Fairfield Tilt tourney on July 15 2006 Video! and results

Well Well Well, what a fucking kick ass tourney. I had the most fun I have ever had in a while at a tourney yesterday. I did pretty good in cvs2 and I got to chop it up with some folks and shit. damn DR.B! came threw out of no where wtf. shit was off the fucking hook. good comp in every game. Thanks to all the people who helped me out by running games. good shit, it means alot. ok well now its time to get down to the result! but wait! there is more. thats right. THE RAM CAM DELIVERSS!!! I spent all night last night throwing up all the vids that I taped yesterday so you guys wouldnt have to wait. isnt it cool. seing results plus vids! oh yeah tooo good. hope you all enjoy the vids and hope you will come to Fairfield tilt on Aug 13th for the pre evo battle. good luck!!!

Tekkken 5 dr (15 entries)

1st Mr. Naps
2nd Master Bolo
3rd Som
4th Sida
5th Panda
5th pat

MVC2 (13) entries

1st Chunk
2nd randy Lew
3rd Cableguy
4th Stiltman
5th som
5th Tinh

CVS2 (14 entries)

1st Jon b.
2nd K.T
3rd Hung
4th Dr. B
5th Tyram
5th black heart

Street Fighter 3rd strike

1st Emphy
2nd Walter
3rd Ringo

there you have it. the results are in and in the books motherfuckers. now onto the footage. here you go. enjoy



Tyram vs Dr.b cvs2 losers bracket

tyram vs Hung winners bracket

Tharimrattler vs Dr.B Losers Bracket

Dr.B Interview


The Soulstar and Redshuma making a bet at tilt. What! the bet has changed?

The Chunksta Interview

Cableguy vs Randy lew money match

tyram vs Randy Lew Casual Match 1 ( we played this match because I had beat randy once before in the same day after he said he would OCV me and I beat him instead!!!

(Woo has a cousin!!!)

Redshuma interview

Chunksta vs Randy lew grand finals one match the last match.

Tyram vs Randy Lew Casual match number 2 (The return of woo’s cousin)

feel free to comment on my vids or anything. Thanks again for coming everyone. enjoy!!!

jon B!
holding that pgroove down

Good games yesterday…I had fun…peace to IGPSlipgater,
Jon B,Tyram,Arhmon,RimRattler,Chunksta,CableGuy and everyone else…I mos def mad a few problems with the sticks out there but nice matches…gets at me…I will see everyone at evo where shit will be crazy !!!


You can catch me in the New Inside Evo DvD Trailer !!! Props to SHANKAR !!!

Tyram and Dr.B - Interview -


good shit dr. b, glad to see you’re still playing.

good shit chunk, randy and cable guy!!


Though I’m not primarily a 3s player, it was fun, especially meeting Armon(sp?), Jon, and I didn’t get to catch the name of the dudley/ken guy with the air parry fetish. Anyhow, good stuff, and hopefully see you guys again sometime. I used Hugo for no reason, but I think it’s going to be alex from now on.

good shit man. Hope to see you again!!

Okay Jimmy…hella top player winning two games…

I like how he used 2 different names too.