Fairfield Tilt Tourney on July 15th

well i just talked to the manager of tilt and he said only 3 to 4 games for the tourney so here they are.

T5 dr

$5 entry fee plus single token play

70/20/10 pay out

sign ups start at noon and end at 2:30 pm (on the dot)

good luck!

hope everyone can come!

WOFFLES :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Like I said:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

lol I wish i could try to do like bhushan and try to get pizza for everyone.

lol like always i’ll be there but wont play any game since i have to work and yes can we plzzz have a ddr tourney and a pj tourney

when i post the info ill put those two games up and we will see what happens.

Fuck yeah another tourney like always good shit ramster

I’ll play project justice. if it’s a $1. Not playing DDR though, that shits for fags.


If this DDR tournament actually goes down and i’m there, you’ll hear me screaming FAG hella loud over and over. Especially when shuma plays.

im calling bull shit on that right now and im tapeing that shit.

lol well maybe if the ram cam is on me you can see me get a gurls numba and you can have the vid so you can take notes j/p

Killakelly will be there as well.

I gotta practice up for MvC2l, have to show you New Cats whats up:arazz:

Im gonna train as well MSP!!!

Bring It! :rock:


Where are the vids for the last one? Are they up somewhere yet?

Rarrgghh!! I like KOF!!

Man i gotta make it to this one…

Yeah, didn’t get to see Chunk own at qualifiers, so hopefully I’ll get to play him at the tourny.