Fairly New Fighter Here, need help

I’m not brand new to fighting games but I would still call my experience pathetic at best. I currently own UMvC3, Blazblue CSE, and Mortal Kombat 9. That said, I would like to know honestly what fighting games would be good for me to get that can teach me honest to goodness fundamentals and basics. I will say I prefer 2D fighters, but am not against 3D fighters. I’m not afraid to lose since I already have a 71 loss streak on UMvC3, and nor am I afraid to try to practice and get better. I’m currently looking at KoF 13, SCV, Super Street Fighter 4, and Street Fighter x Tekken as possible buys but I could use some advice overall, as well as any training advice or even possible battle partners and whatnot. I do want to try and become a decent fighting gamer, cause I love the thrill of the fights, but I know I have a universes worth of stuff I need to learn. Thanks in advance!


It forces you to have good fundamentals, execution, and meter management. It’s also just a great game. For the best experiences though, it’s best if you have someone to play against locally. I haven’t played a fighting game online since November.

I find it’s most fun when you and a friend start out at around the same level. Because if you level up your game, then hopefully that’ll motivate him to level up his game. And so on and so forth.

Sadly I live in smalltown USA, so finding a local fighting scene will be very difficult, but I suppose not impossible.

Lol, I’m a Marine living in the barracks. It’s pretty much CoD/BF central.

Hahah I play a little Killzone 3 and Metal Gear Online but no CoD. Has KoF 13’s netcode improved at all, cause I heard its netcode is…well…not great.


It forces you to have good fundamentals, execution, and meter management.

Exactly what I need to practice too.