Fairy Tail Thread - Welcome to our Guild!


Hello and welcome! This thread is where you can discuss about the long-running, action-packed anime and manga series Fairy Tail! Though the anime series has been canceled but for now we will discuss about the manga. If you’re not caught up on the manga, please do so. Please no off-topic discussions!




For those who didn’t know, Fairy Tail Part 5 DVD and Blu-Ray Combo Pack will be released at July 23. I can’t wait! XD



Well, I guess it’s alright. I’m hyped about the upcoming new arc. Zeref vs. Fairy Tail!


Only got on recently, but it is a good fun series.

Feel a little let down by the ending of the last major arc, while it was epic after all the build up I was expecting a knock down drag out brawl in the skies also…


The lack of even one Dragon slayer actually beating a dragon straight up was indeed a bit of a let down.


I’ll give it a go!


It was my favorite manga series up until recently, now the manga just feels like a string of fanservice and panty shots lol. Still fun to read though. Hoping to see more actual fight panels of Laxus, and some more silly stuff from Juvia <3


Watched it and wasnt impressed. Heard bad things about it ever since. Will stick with HxH, one of the best shonens ever made.


Agreed this manga started off ok and just went downhill fast as fuck. Toriko is the shit though.


Everbody is always a goddamn critic.
I am still enjoying it. It was crazy to find out that acnologia was once a human. What kind of magic did those dragons teach the humans before that actually allowed them to even out the war back in the day because the dragon slayers of now couldnt even hold a candle to those dragons.

Really interested to see the next arc.


Idk how I feel about that whole 1 minute time reverse thing lol.


But seriously, it’s like One Piece with out the effort or interesting/ugly character designs. Sameface every where in this silly ass show. And not to mention the forced humor that falls flat as fuck. Terrible. Lets just make this the HxH thread reborn z


Used to be a pretty decent and enjoyable manga then it took a huge nose dive and the latest arc has been awful.
All in all it’s a **very ** poor man’s One Piece


Fairy Tail is missing something:



Yeeesh, so much hate for Fairy Tail.


Go away, haters. I’m not forcing anyone to stay on this thread. If you hate it, that’s fine, just take that discussion somewhere else.


It was interesting even if it was a bit of a cop out, especially the reveal in one of the latest chapters about it.

Yeah, there are better manga out there but for what it does, it doesn’t suck or takes itself too seriously. I find it enjoyable, even though I do dip in and out depending on the story progression, unusual for me because when I read a manga I usually go full bore or drop it. Still, fun stuff and that fool Gray is obviously homosexual if he ain’t trying to tap Juvia.


The anime and manga are awful.



You do know that is the theme for pretty much every anime and manga right.


Yes, the story is very childish and it’s obvious what’s gunna happen everytime, but it’s still funny.


HxH and One Piece?