Fajita Buster uses

When the game was first out, I used Fajita Buster a hell of a lot, but when my execution and zoning got better, I switched to using Tortilla instead.

Lately though, I’ve felt something lacking in my play which I used to have, so I’ve started to try and work Fajita Buster back into my play.

So far, I find the off the wall Fajita is still great for a surprise, but on top of that, I also find there are times when Tortilla is just out of range, that Fajita Buster makes the distance because of the few frames of forward run. It also appears to land quicker than Tortilla, but I don’t know for sure.

I know it’s high risk, but are there any other situations where you’d use Vegeta Buster over Tortilla?

I use Fajita as follows:

If the opponent is susceptible to gettin’ taken to splash mountain or is hardcore turtling I mix in a Fajita here and there.

Run at them and they fireball = Fajita if I saw it coming a mile away

If I Back run and wall jump while they fireball or do a scrubby Devil Reverse I’ll go for it if they are close enough

Sometimes the opponent will already be jumping straight up when you back dash, expecting a Tortilla spin, I run back, wall jump, Fajita. this is perfect for slow jumpers

For back dash stuff you’ll want to be semi close to the wall.

Aha. Thanks for that. I’ll try those out and see if I can come up with more as well

Finish RSF with it and get punished!

i only use it when

people focus too much
people backdash on wakeup too much
people throw fireballs too much

one seems safer than the other

like the OP, i used fajita a ton until i got tortilla down. still workin on ‘safe tortilla’. anyway, i use fajita for:

Focus Attacks. <— That one always pisses them off because most people dont know its a grab. And by most people I mean idiots.
Zangief Lariat

I do too many wall jumps to elbow, splash, buster so i’m trying to work that out of my game at the moment.

basically those

Yeah, I only really pull out fajita buster for those reasons as well.

Though sometimes it is my first choice against Guile players, because in general they seem to like to stand and block/focus my first hit way more than anyone else.

Ditto. I find it handy for Guiles that Sonic boom too much. but when they EX I EX run xx Slide

Agreed and also it’s a great surprise when trying to get out of a corner and they think you’re going to jump a great distance away but instead you bust out a short wall Fajita Buster! :rofl: