Fake Geek Girls?

When did this become some big issue? I imagine it came to be after people got made at some random comments on the internet hilariously describing the correlation between these so called fake geek girls and your average attention whore. And by people, I mean feminist and said attention whores, since I am fairly sure any real geek, male or female, would be too busy indulging themselves in their passion to give two shits about their appearance over the fucking internet of all places.

It seems like very angry women versus very vehement trolls that like having the ever so easy target the is your average estrogen laden damsel in distress. And yes I admit that picking on them is pretty fucking funny to an extent, but can we stop alienating potential fans? Especially female ones, and on the flips side, stop getting so mad at ALL men (I am looking at YOU feminist) as if every geek out there was a meme spewing idiot.

I think if you are a geek girl and you find yourself constantly being harassed online maybe you should cease going to shit sites like 4chan or whatever in the first place lol. Also stop stating that you are a girl, no one cares. So how fake geek girls become an issue of sexism in comic book writing, too much cheesecake, and guys paying attention to fictional characters more than YOU, which just screams of jealousy and immaturity imo. Pretty sure that was an entirely separate issue that could be solved with wallets and not debates. It’s not like there aren’t a SHIT load of well written(used loosely) comics(and especially manga) out there that aren’t about scantly clad women showing off there cleavage( as if there wasn’t a crap load of women that didn’t like that to begin with) for you to spend your money on. Instead of trying to defend what as far as I can tell are scene girls with horrible haircuts that probably do watch too much Big Bang Theory and are probably just as autistic as Sheldon.

I say, let the geeks be geeks, let the whores be whores(because boobs), and let mean nerds be mean, but stop trying to make such a big deal out of something that in its very nature is juvenile to begin with. A majority of these people that are being referred to are teenagers or people that still think they are teens, whom we all know are not very bright for the most part. Unless you are that kid that invented that thing that like, detects cancer and what not. I bet he didn’t spend all day arguing over the net. They are still in the process of trying to identify with something. Let them figure it out for themselves before you either push them away or try to recruit them for your own misguided agendas. Let them grow up, and in the process, stimulate both my genitals and the economy.

Anyways, discussion?

Yeah, or like those black people who wear collared shirts and pretend they’ve ever filled out a job application.

But seriously, if geeks belittle other geeks for being disingenuous and/or not as geeky as they are it’s most likely due to some nerds having an inner hipster and wanting their hobbies to remain “unique” or whatever to them, which is obviously sad on several levels. I’ve only known a few girls that had any interest in any nerdy hobby so this isn’t a topic I have a lot of knowledge about but it sounds weird because ideally most people prefer to date someone whom they can share a common passion with. That being said some guys take it way too far into an obsession, yes it would be great to have pussy that can also play co-op with you but if someone not being as “hardcore” a geek as you is a deal breaker than maybe you should reevaluate your standards and what you have to bring to the table besides shiny DnD dice.

So terrible…

…I have never seen anyone this white washed before. That Avatar movie with the white Inuit people is less white washed than this honorary Aryan. He must really think this is a Shahrukh Khan website.

That dude looks like Ray Romano. An excellent choice for a minority that wants to look like a white guy if I do say so myself.

i personally havent run into said fake geek girls. lol. anime cons…you kinda gotta be bout dat life to be in cosplay.

Holy shit, I just saw a seagull flying backwards against the wind. It was like moonwalking.

But that’s not why I came in here. People that dress all geeky are just like the skater kids of the mid-90’s or the timeless gangsta ass white kids.

Faggots, I mean.

(I came in here to say “faggots.”)

(Or “gaggles” as my faggot-assed iPhone autocorrect suggests.)

That would be like telling Rosa Parks that she just shouldn’t ride the bus if she doesn’t want to sit in the back. You’re displacing the blame onto the victim.

I guess if I don’t want to be told ‘Tits or GTFO’ or ‘lol sammich’ I should just stop posting on SRK. Or maybe the dumbfucks who think that’s cute need to grow the fuck up.

What I find most disgusting about many sites (and I’m calling you out SRK), is how accepted and seemingly encouraged sexism is. Many of you will bitch and whine about racism all day, but will happily degrade women or the female gender.

How about if you feel that prejudice and discrimination is wrong on a racial level, you apply some of that logic to gender and sex as well?

Why shouldn’t someone be able express who they are demographically? Should we also censor age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, etc.? Again, you’re displacing the blame.

That would be like saying (and no offense intended here):

“If you don’t want to be called a nigger/wet back/chink, stop telling people you’re black/latino/asian.”

“If you don’t want to be called a faggot/dyke, stop telling people you’re gay/lesbian.”

“If you don’t want to be called a pussy, stop telling people you’re Canadian/French.”

“If you don’t want to be called a terrorist, stop telling people you’re Arabic.”

Etc, Etc, Etc…

Now, I’m all for freedom of expression, and if you want to be a bigot so be it, but don’t get pissed when other people call you out on it. The ethical burden shouldn’t rest on those who are being themselves, but those who choose to use their freedom of speech to spew hatred, intolerance, and discrimination.

i grew up with someone who became one of these.
growing up with her i was never really attracted to her. Now she is really fuckin hot ,but dumb as shit.
anyway she became one of those people who cares about how people perceive her.
she claims to be into many niche interests ,but she really only knows the things everyone else would know about.
i used to like her ,but because of how her personality developed and many of her negative qualities she is unbearable to be around.

It is much like how black people faced adversity and overcame it, but get upset when privileged white people borrow from their culture for selfish, profit driven motives. Unlike them, geeks still face persecution and intercourse discrimination. Attractive girls do not know the hardships and adversity that comes with the lifestyle. They simply borrow the quaint parts of the culture, sterilize and homogenize it, which totally undermines the real life suffering of a totally legitimate minority group.

Intercourse discrimination has got to be the best thing I have read in a while.

Also, stfu Matriarch. Making yourself into a victim IS the problem. 4chan is a shit site, don’t get mad at the lion if you want to play in it’s cage. Or in this case, don’t be surprised to have shit thrown at you when you are hanging out with a bunch of monkey see, monkey doo doo motherfuckers.

It’s the scorpion and the frog situation all over again… except instead of a scorpion, it’s a fat loser with no social skills. And instead of a frog, it’s a girl who has a pretty good chance of looking like one.

Who cares?

SRK in India ≠SRK the website

I learned that the hard way during a series of awkward conversations.

It’s probably just those hipster glasses everyone wears nowadays.

Urgh, this topic again?