Fake Green Goblin info


Sorry if this is old, but in this pic:

Hulk is dragging someone that looks alot like Green Goblin? :wonder:


Shoryuken - Marvel vs Capcom 3 Comic Book Art Reveal Taskmaster and Galactus

Old…and you could’ve just posted this here: http://shoryuken.com/f340/mvc3-speculation-guessing-thread-post-all-here-232525/


okay, seriously?


Uh, what?




Did you seriously think that news that is at least 3 days old had not been posted on shoryuken.com? especially when that dumb-ass re-color was done by someone from THIS SITE?

Sorry if I sound like an ass, but fuck, common sense.


My bad, I don’t browse this site every hour of the day to know that >_>


how about 15 minutes each day? 5 of them to check news that was on the frontpage from sunday to tuesday.


I rarely ever go on this site, mostly because it’s filled with fighting master race asses like you


Go back to gfaqs…


GameFaqs is just as bad


If you got ran out of GameFaqs you must really suck then sir.


Hulk confirmed.


??? I’m saying the users are terribad there


Infracted for not using the “Speculation” thread nor reading the “read the rules first” post, banned for a week for being a jackass when called on it.