Fake Kicking

Well, I’ve been searching the forum for a thread devoted to Fake Kicking. I haven’t found one, so I decided to make one. Let’s use this as a compendium of information so that we can refer to this instead of having to weed through different threads.

BTW Fake kick is Sagat’s Fake s.HK. Its used to mindgame mostly. The ingame input notation looks like this: :hk: > :hk:

The best way I have found to do Fake kick, and this may not be the best way, is to use my index and middle fingers on my right hand to do a galloping rhythm on HK. It tends to work maybe three times in a row. I actually press the button three times. It just seems to work for me. tataTAP

I think an important thing to remember is that you need to press the button twice. Now this may seem like common sense, but it is quite easy to just have the button continually pressed while drumming. You need to actually be conscience about your finger movement. I find it amusing that something so insignificant like a fake can be one of the most difficult inputs in the game.

Now, mind you I may just be spitting bullshit, since I have stock buttons on my SE stick until the new Sanwas arrive in the mail, so I might be completely wrong on this.



So let’s get some discussion going. I want to have this at common knowledge for my fellow Saggots.

I have not seen it used much

I heard the you should use your eh, ring finger? and fuck you finger? to do it, but I failed, so I tried using ehh… fuck you finger? and the finger to the left of the fuck you finger? (probably what you said, I dont know the names xD) and just tap/ drag my fu finger down, so its off the button, with the dude next to the fu finger coming right behind.

short read: “dragging” the finger, not just tapping, if you tap the finger will still be near the button and probably fuck up the timing. but I can do it as much as I want. Ive done it easily 15-20 before I fail. I like doing focus attack lvl 3, dash, fake kick, fake kick, uppercut… just for the hell of it. I just use it for teh lulz tbh. like if I get someone scared of me. so they wont try to reversal me on block.

c.lk c.lk s.lk fakekick overhead or standing lk. or just j. whatever, (close) c.lk fakekick throw. but I just do it for fun, sagat is not my main, he’s not even my sub :stuck_out_tongue: he’s like my #5 choice, or I choose him if I want an easy win. :stuck_out_tongue:


its only good to stop chars its a good poke against (really any fat person) from getting into a habit of whiff punishing the move. its solid vs gief and honda.