Fake lariat to ultra

I dont know if any of you guys have done these or try BUT today i was a little :smokin: and i come up with the idea like in MvC2 lariat to super with gief but in sf4 i did several times a kkk lariat while opponent blocked of course and i buffer the motion and ultra there asses , they either where in block stun or they try to attack me during lariat recovery so i want to know if someone have try these before

If it works on the opponents that your are facing, I guess you can keep doing it. I personally know for sure that I wouldn’t ever use this kind of tactic.

well ive been doing these mostly playing online , i just do a kkk lariat close to opponent most of the time it will be blocked , during the lariat i buffer the ulta and press the 3p , if they try to attack you the will eat ultra if the stay there well they eat ultra too , try it out.

it’s not exactly the same but i’ve done a lariat fadc to ultra but what ur talking about would rarely work against any decent players. blocked lariats will always get punished.

This won’t ever ever ever work on someone above noob level. Not calling you a noob but at the same time if you catch someone with this once you will never ever be able to use it again. I mean, it’s good if you use kkk and while they are in the corner, you buffer a lp spd,( because the grab range is insane and because your opponent will be in a crouch state they will have a larger grab box ) and usually most people especially a shotokan will try either a … cr.mk or cr.hk as a punish and you will grab them for free. But still that is something that you will do like once lol and never do it again. That is kind of one of those things you do to look fancy, lol and if you have a fucking gigantic health lead.

I will KKK lariet to ex green hand if i see they are going to go in for the sweep after the lariet. ONLY works on NOOBS but i do it and it F’s them up.

i understand what your saying round666 but really these catches a lot of people offguard , specially ryu , most ryus will be doing the cr.mk when lariat is done , the ultra comes almost instant as the lariat is done and they will eat the ultra you will see the ryu with eyes popping :rofl: in cr.mk state and grab him but either way like you say its something that can be done once and ofcourse cant be done with opponet having ultra , what i do is poke then once they block and i do kkk lariat stay there then press forward and buffer ultra , comes instantly :tup: but like you say its just something to show off like when you 3xlp-lk-regular green hand and ultra people not expectating tha t:karate:

the combo that iwould use to show off.( which i only got it like 4 times out of 10) is j.hp cr.lkx2 st.mp st.lkx2 ex hand… i have only done that on a blanka and bison… but they was like ohhhhhhh … that’s one of my favoriate combos that shit looks so fucking sweet, but it only works on really wide characters. that combo is god like lol