fake pics


Lol, if they find out i did this ill get fired. Took these with my cellphone , sorry it’s not good quality. Hope you all enjoy.



Take my money Capcom, all of it


wow, i dont know what to say except is sentinel still gonna be in?


you better not be lying to us with fake pictures! if it is real… awesome >.> (I am still skeptical)


. . . . . . . .

that is all


if true its some good news


True then some awesome news.I am having geekgasm though.




Nice work there





Good job mimicing the style of the official trailers, I’ll give you that.


Quick, someone send them to eventhubs!


clap for 'em. He tried. But lol if it was officially recycled


Green Goblin does the WRYYYYY?


thanks for playing

Price is Right Losing Horn


Nice. They looked pretty good though not gonna lie!


Last pic is a pretty bad photoshop. Looks like super Skrulls whiffed command throw animation.


Still, kinda iffy. Pose the same but coloring was different.


Gimme a break thats the same pic. The reveal art has never been like anything else.


I’d link to a troll face picture, but I’m far too lazy.