Fake rape victim only gets 3 years after guy had spent 4


What the fuck is wrong with justice? This lady cried rape and put an honest guy in jail. After having spent 4 out of the 20 yrs he was sentenced to, she admits it was lie, so she only gets 1-3 yrs cuz “we do applaud her courage in coming forward”.

The guy already spent 4 fucking years in jail. She should get no less than that imo. Knowing the way shit works, she’ll probably get 1 and be out in like 6 months. That’s just wrong.

This already ruined my day and I don’t even know these people.

What the fuck is this shit? they applaud her courage for coming forward? I hope this man sues the shit outta the state and this dumb bitch

Wow…if a woman admits to lying, we’d have to admire her courage.
If a guy admits to lying…he’s a fucking scumbag liar!

It took the bitch 4 fucking years to admit the truth…FOUR FUCKING YEARS. Her sentence needs to at least MATCH his.

That guy should sue…4 years of his life has taken away from him because of this lying whore.

And the only reason she even admitted anything was because there was finally evidence against her. Had it not been for that, the guy would’ve been in jail for 20yrs.

Hell yeah he should sue. You can’t just come out of jail and continue life as if it never happened. His career could be over, maybe endured physical violence in jail, probably got raped himself, not to mention how it’ll affect friends and family.

Society has to stop thinking all women are damsels in distress, cuz that shit is best left for fairytales.

DEATH penalty for all rapist !

Man. Sometimes I think being a celibate monk is the way to go.

this x1000

I’m not trying to make light of anyone that actually ever has been raped, cause it does happen a lot and it’s a shame, but it’s such an easy cop-out for a lot of women these days. All a woman has to do is cry “rape!” and guy’s going to be in a lot of shit for it instantly, even if it didn’t happen.

“I was raped” is to females to what “I was drunk” is to males.

hope this bitch gets beat down by chicks who were actually raped by dudes
fuck her face with a broom handle

her punishment should be rape.

what judge would believe this slut that has 2 kids with no father and still goes out to party?

man, fuck that, the way i see it, she raped him of his rights to a fair life. stupid bitch should get 30 years for this shit just like any man would get for actually raping someone… in fact the sentence should be even harsher than that, as an example to all other women that cry rape falsely, if they actually get lots of jailtime for it then maybe they weouldnt lie there fucking asses off about rape as if they only said some “cute” white lie.

which is how the women that do this actually look at it, “oh its just a lie that ruined someones life, no big deal cause i didnt like him anyway”

put her under the jail.


This is fucking bullshit. People like her are the kind that ruin teachers (because there is a lot of shady shit students can do to ruin a teacher) and make it harder for women who have actually been raped. Fucking nonsense. Perjury needs to have a proper stiff sentence.

  1. I’d hit it.

  2. Her sentence is not even for three years, it’s between one to three. How come perjury carries such a wussy sentence? I would think that compromising the integrity of a court of law is a very severe crime.

  3. The innocent man and his lawyer are the ones who have praised her courage. WHAT!?! Wouldn’t you be out for blood and at least MAD at someone who’s lies sent you to prison for four years for a crime you’re innocent of? Instead you praise her?

Crazy bitch has two infant kids and no husband and still went out to party…I would have dismissed her case from the start on the grounds of her being a ho. (Like the girl that accused Kobe of rape…and it turns out she had like multiple semen stains on her panties from different people like from the day of. …come on, man.)

This woman is now saying that she came to believe her own lie because she was too drunk to remember the events of the original night…so then how would she have been able to give a legit testimony in the original trial? Wouldn’t that cast a lot of questions on her reliability as a witness if she was too drunk to remember if she really got raped or not? That’s not sufficient reasonable doubt?

Is this the shittiest defense lawyer of all time? It’s like he hired that chicken lawyer from Futurama to represent him.

  1. Is this the worst crime of all to be falsely accused of? Man you didn’t even get to have sex with her. Real rapists still get to enjoy that at the very least. It’s like Chappelle’s bit about being falsely accused of cheating - PLEASE BELIEVE ME!!!

  2. Is this like the movie Double Jeopardy where you can’t be convicted of the same crime twice? If so, that guy should go and rape her for real. HI-LIARIOUS!

She definitely shouldn’t be admired. This bitch only came forward because DNA evidence was coming down the pipe line. If that wasn’t occurring, she would have let this guy rot in prison for the rest of the sentence.

Hope a fellow inmate breaks a splintered mop in half, fashions a strap-on out of it, rapes her with the prison strap-on, and then cuts her labias off with a sharpened comb.

I say she should get double what he had to serve thanks to her fraudulent claims. That would be proper, but still wouldn’t fix things. He’ll forever have to be that guy who was accused of rape. You know people will talk and he’ll never fully escape it.

Four years… rough.

The video at the bottom explains everything.

that would be a new count of rape.

the only way you can actually do double jeopardy is really in murder well in the way it would practically be available. because if you went to jail for murder and got out, if the person was still alive, they would legally be considered already dead. so you could kill them. the courts couldnt put you back in jail because they were supposed to be already dead.

i dont think its even courageous though. and why does NEW DNA evidence always come up later? why dont they test things before they convict somebody?

courts have nothing to do with justice.

There are some issues here that need to be separated. Just because you are a mother, doesn’t mean that you should stop having fun in any way, shape or form. Somethings you shouldn’t do, but really, parents sometimes need some time off (not saying this is the case but I’m babysitting next week so that a good friend couple my girlfriends can have some time to themselves).

As long as the parents aren’t endangering the children in the process, its fair game. Secondly, because someone likes to party and get drunk, it does not mean that she is free to rape. That she is putting herself in an less than optimal position by getting drunk enough to forget everything, this is her choice. If you want to get plastered, you should be able to do it safely. What you do to yourself is none of my business unless it endangers other people. Just because somebody is fucked it is not enough reason to go rape/steal/beat up/ take advantage to them or cause serious physical and emotional harm.

The real problem here is how easy it is to convict an innocent man of rape and how much damage this does for the people who have been raped. The bigger issue here is that somebody can blatantly lie and go almost unpunished by the law. Situations like this undermine our legal system; something like this ain’t something that we should be slapping wrists for.

As if I needed any more reasons to convince me that women are fucking evil.