Faking It: How to Appear Vulnerable as Cammy



Hello everyone,

Even though I’m doing a bit better than I was a couple of weeks ago, I want to improve my game by making my opponent commit mistakes and as far as I know the best way to do that is to appear vulnerable.

What tools do I have playing as Cammy to fake vulnerability to fool my opponent?

Any advice will be really appreciated.


be vulnerable?
I may be outta line here since I use Cammy on the side, but dude you’re Cammy. Go ham. Make your opponent fear you.
I mean only thing I can think of that matches what you’e trying to do is walk yourself to the corner and V-reversal to put your opponent there.


Typically the easiest way is during footsies.

Walk in and out of their max range poke and whiff punish.


The best example I can give is using a move every one thinks is punishable but is not. That is the idea of what you mean by how to appear vulnerable but not actually being vulnerable correct? I don’t think there are many situations like that in SFV but there are certain things I’ve done with cammy that have caused a reaction making them think im vunerable but actually leaves them unsafe. In other words i do a move to appear punishable but I’m not as punishable as my opponent thinks.

At the start of the round immediately do lk spiral arrow. The move lands at the tip and is hard to react punish in time due to 8 frame delay. People know cammys spiral arrow is unsafe, but they don’t know the range it hits at plays a factor in how negative it is so they’ll automatically do their punish combo which you’ll be able to block and punish. So I guess one way to appear vulnerable with her is to Sprial arrows at proper ranges to bait reversals. The only downside is if you mistime, misrange, or they are fast at reacting you will get punished so it’s probably not better than just playing Cammy regularly using footsies, shimmys, meatys, and grabs to open up your opponent instead.

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Me and someone else (I think it was Sun) were talking about blocked vtrigger activation, cr.mk xx hp hooligan for the crossup, divekick for the crossup, jab vskill for another crossup. After the blocked vskill people usually crack and press something due to mental stress.
I don’t remember if it’s throw or dp but if you mp hooligan slide afterwards it hits meaty and ends up being plus. St.mk is negative but if you do a st.hp afterwards you’ll counterhit most of the opponent’s pokes. Practice divekicks and you’ll find some people press buttons after those too, but you gotta get the range just right.
There’s also my favorite. Near the corner? Play coward and walk back. Wait for them to attack and v-reversal (don’t do it max range or it whiffs). Ta-da, now your opponent is in the cornered against a Cammy and their only mistake was to corner you.
Well, for anything else you can always yolo DP but good luck Poongko’ing around with a 900 health/stun character.

This may be a really bad idea. People reaaaaaally like starting rounds with neutral jump… Speaking of which! Start all your rounds moving forward. Chances are they will backdash, walk back, neutral jump or jump forward. React to the neutral/forward jump with a DP (mk only hits neutral jumps if they stick out a button, hk whiffs on jump forward) or simply gain ground on backdash/walk back.
There are some stupid players that will start some rounds doing forward moving specials too. Treat those just like DPs. Take a guess and punish that shit with jump forward (Nash’s punch and scythe) or simply neutral jump (Balrog, Alex and so on).

And I raise your text wall.


This is exactly what I was talking about, but so far I’m getting destroyed as Cammy and I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing as her. Maybe she’s not the character I’m supposed to be playing…

Is choosing a character based on what we like or what we can do?


In what you like.

If you like a character you’ll learn anything to play well with them.

If you just pick a character that fits your skills in said time you’ll eventually be bored and will lose the will the keep improving.


I’m doing pretty awful with Cammy to be honest, maybe a speedy character is not for me.


Actually you usually have enough time to block the jump attack after the lk SA. Try it. I’ve actually b+mp’d their neutral jump before landing but yes it is dependent on jump time and character. If they do neutral jump you can actually change it to HK SA and it will pass under them for a cross up (exceptions are against characters with hit box moves that hit behind them, Kens mk, nashes mk, chuns hk). If you notice they neutral jump on start up you can do mp hooligan instead and air grab them. I’ve literally used this sequence before and it’s worked. Round one start with lk SA. They block and try to punish, so I block and punish. Round 2 they think I’m going to do it again so neutral jump to punish I do mp hooligan and air grab them. After that tilt sets in and I win. I honestly only throw this out once to see what they do, if they get caught I’ll exploit otherwise I return to the basics.

Watching people trying to figure out which SA I used and how to respond when they think they know it’s punishable is part of the fun of playing Cammy. You can tell they are flustered and don’t know why they missed it or got out played.

Here’s another one. Any standard hooligan into slide is -2. Most people will try and grab or hit you after a blocked slide. However EX hooligan to slide is +2. Doing this makes them think they can hit or grab you like they did before (appearing venerable), however if you cr mp after a blocked EX slide you will always win if they hit something as it’s a 3 frame trap. I use this a lot as a finisher as most aren’t used to the different timing on block. Only downside is it’s grab able/jab able before the slide so fast reacting people can stuff it.


I assure you everyone in here has felt like that with her the first 2 months of playing her. She has no life and no stun. Mistakes are costly. You have to commit always and be 100% in execution. She has her talents and I like to play her but other characters may fit your style better. I personally picked Cammy to start because my rush down was lacking from SF4. I had to force myself to go in and pressure constantly. Cammy helped me do that. As long as you stick with any character long enough you will get good with them. Cammy just takes a few more losses to actually get good because of her low health/stun and massively unsafe specials, but she does do the momentum and rush down game better than any other character if you ask me. Honestly if you want the easy way out pick M. Bison. He’s easy to win with at lower ranks and is more forgiving when making mistakes, but he feels stuck if that makes sense.

If you want you can post 2-3 matches you’ve done for us to analyze. We’ll be able to point out little things you may not be thinking about it. It’s insane how much a few frames can make a difference in a match that no layman could ever see or realize is actually happening.


I don’t have a device to record and upload my matches on youtube, but I’ll try Bison to better learn the basics and once I do that I’ll pick Cammy again.


If you want to learn the basics pick Ryu. I just said if you want to win the easy way at first pick Bison.


Do you play on PC? You can use Nvidia’s shadowplay (chances are you already got it installed) to record and Format Factory (really small and simple to use) to clip the videos.


play.tv works too. You can also stream to twitch from PS4 and then upload from there.


Thanks a lot for the tip! I had no idea Nvidia had such a feature.

Well, here’s one of my most recent matches where I get demolished by a Balrog. Any advice is appreciated (CA at end of round 2 wasn’t intended.)



I only watched a little bit but omg dude lol

You pressed st.mk during pressure. That will never work.

He kept NJ on wakeup. Use your dp (lk)

Against really aggressive rog players neutral jumping is good at mid range to make rush punches whiff and if he walks forward then you know you have very little to worry about.


I didn’t even notice I used st.mk against his pressure. Seems I’m just mashing buttons hoping something will hit. What can I use to react to pressure?

I also have pretty bad reaction; when I realize they jumped it’s already too late to respond with an anti-air. Can’t practice that since when I record the dummy I’m already aware it’s going to jump so then I react accordingly.

Neutral jumping is just jumping vertically without pressing any buttons right?


yeah @Lowtide , neutral jump is just like that, and u can punish rog rush punches after u blocked it most of the time, -4 if i am not mistaken for the L rush punch, and if rog love to rush punches, just hit st.lk, st.mp, st.hp, cr.mp (work sumtime for me).


If you want to interrupt pressure it’s a risk. Cr.lp is good, dp works too but you can die quickly by having a bad read.

You whiffed Cr.mk and that’s what let him get everything started. Make sure your pokes connect unless you’re trying to catch a dash in.

When it comes to anti airs most of the time the person already knows the opponent will jump.

At around max range for st.mk and a little bit out from there people love jumping. So always have it in the back of your mind to be ready for it.

Hypothetical situation, let’s say you’re using st.mk and you keep hitting them. They might consider jumping to get around Cammy’s pokes. So when you’re using st.mk be mentally prepared for the jump


Thanks, I hadn’t considered any of that and will definitely keep it in mind when I go online next time.