Faking out the opponent's hit confirms

what are some good moves to do this?

for example, i have, with alex, did the c.hp. and right when i was off the ground a chun b+hp’d me, hit confirmed into super, but i got juggled, landed safely, and punished. what are some good moves, possibly on wakeup, that u can fake out someones hti confirms?

Uh, that was more your opponent sucking than you “faking” him out. You can’t “fake” your opponent’s hit-confirms. That’s the whole point of a hit-confirm; that once the move successfully hits, you can cancel/link into super.

well if japs suck then i guess you suck too right?

cuz i also saw RX get hit by a c.mk but got juggled and the ken super’d. im not sure where the link is but if i find it ill definitely post it so u can see.

i mean its nothing that happens often by far, but there are some moves and times where is seen chun and kens c.mk juggle the opponent cuz they did a move.

of course, a mashing ass makoto wouldnt know that, right?

I know what you’re talking about, you don’t need to post a youtube link. Your situation occurs when your opponent doesn’t wait until you fully land, and they essentially reset you with their move, then stupidly roll super. Again, that’s more because the opponent didn’t wait until the proper moment to execute their move; not because you “faked” them out. And so what if you saw a japanese player mess up; we’re all human. I can show you thousands of example of hit-confirms working properly; I suspect you can only show me a handful of times that the hit-confirm reset their opponent, resulting in the scenario you described.

Also, mashing? This coming from a guy with a Marvel av? I don’t mash with Makoto. Although, from the tone of your post, I can tell that you’ve been burnt by Makoto’s before. It’s ok. Just breathe.

Yeah that’s not something I would waste my time practicing.

the thing is not about the opponent stupidly hitting you too early when you are landing. It’s a different thing, you start fromn the ground, you do a move that makes you leave the ground right when a hc move (like chun’s cMK) hits you. You go into histun reel animation and look grounded, that’s why good players can get tricked into hitconfirming.
RX did that against Nuki in th einfamous sbo qualifier when he ocvd nuki and daigo. He did a reversal LP headbutt on Nuki’s meaty cMK. It looked like Nuki just hit a grounded Urien, but AFTER the super flash, Urien got reseted, the 1st wave of kicks missed, he parried the second wave and jumped the last hit to kill chun with corner madness.
good moves for this are those that get you off the ground on the first frame (and don’t look like that). Can trick an opponent who focuses too much on landing hitconfirm and if you can afford to take a hit.

Moves that work are, on top of my mond:
Urien’s LP headbutt
Ibuki’s dp+k, rdp+k, dp+p
Oro’s qcf+LK
Twelve’s backdash
Gouki’s demonlfip iirc

Eh, I dunno, I think this kind of stuff is a fluke. Aren’t you really banking on your opponent poorly timing meaties, because you need to be hit out of it, so you need to do a move w/o invincibility, but if they throw out a meaty, it will just stuff the move before it comes out (because it has no invincibility)?

if the move is off the ground form the first frame, te reversal will get stuffed but you still get in a OTG state, even against a perfectly timed meaty.

eeeeeh, the concept of the technique overall sounds really icky to me.

The fact that what he’s requesting depends on the opponent CAUSING DAMAGE TO YOU makes the idea of trying to practice this overall useless.

there’s no way to fake out a hitconfirm. A hit confirm is exactly what it sounds like. A CONFIRMED hit. If the enemy tried to do a ground combo while you were off the ground, that’s thier fault. It had nothing to do with you.

And as Pherai just said, it sounds like a fluke. In a game played by two people mistakes will be made and sometimes random things will occur…

…even if you’re japanese. (I just had to address that retarded comment)

You can’t fake a hit-confirm. How can you practice getting air reset?

Thank you very much.

did you guys even read hol horse’s post?

Sure did. But that doesn’t change the fact that “faking” opponent’s hit confirms has almost zero common practicality. For every 1 example of the “fake” being successful, I can show you 100 times where there was a safer, more practical option.

Seriously, are you trying to argue that risking a 1frame OTG move, having the first wave of kick’s miss, parrying the entire second wave of kicks, then punishing in some manner is a better option on wakeup than parry/block/attack/throw?

If you want to “fake” me out when I hit-confirm with Ken/Chun rather than play safe (read: smart), by all means. In fact, I would LOVE for you guys to “fake” my hit-confirms instead of playing safe, it just means more wins for me.

edit: I’m not trying to come off like an ass (although I’m sure I am), but you guys are seriously exploring some obscure, difficult, risky method of gaining the advantage when there are NUMEROUS options that are (a.) safer, (b.) easier, and (c.) can result in the same thing. I’m still not understanding why people are entertaining this notion.

ok people have different ways of hit confirming

most people look at the sparks that come out when they hit, which is still what happens when you bounce off a c.mk, there for the person still presses it if he sees it.

now. the only way i’ll get you guys on what you’re saying is, do you actually wait to see if the person is standing, got hit by the move, and DID NOT bounce off, then tap the button? maybe with chun, but ken? it happes a lot, even with kens s.mp and c.mp’s, vs an urien.

hol horse thanks for your input i’ll be testing those and see what happens.

you’ll die, that’s what will happen. dude, seriously, trying this is really bad idea. This “technique” is just unpractical as it is risky.

The goal of any fighting game is to NOT GET HIT. Why would you ALLOW yourself to get hit and take to do some extremly difficult plan that most likely will not work?

I don’t like the idea of “getting hit on purpose” in the first place, so I say nay for this strat.

How do you go about practicing to win without touching your joystick/controller? I want to win matches without even being present too. Any info? :wonder:

Eh faking out a confirm with OTG moves is not rare at all. I use it with ibukis dp +p when trapped in the corner. Doing it on wakeup is very risky etc, but yea its usefull in other situations.

is not true … damage happen when you have a advantage of momentun /control space. some times you can get hit if you can turn advantage in your own favor
for example i see RX make weak up heatbutt vs a meaty corner aegis (he take damage but he is out of corner
or make a short drill kick out of corner in necro vs hugo match up … same shit faking out the oponent hit confirm you can cut a lot of oponent options…
sf is not mathematical sf is human… some post only prove your close-mind-set and your lack of understand the game in abstract characteristics

ps:necro flying viper can do this …not only for make in weak up … is good vs you cancel a parried move like a c.jab etc

I think you took Tigerboi’s post too literal. Of course we understand that we will get hit at some point in time, and that sometimes it’ll work to our advantage (information learned about opponent’s patterns/habits, etc), but for the vast majority of the time, you do not want to get hit at all.

All of you people who are so for this “faking” technique seem to be using rather obscure examples that are not indicative of normal play. Can you technically do it? Sure. Is it something worth learning and mastering because it’s superior to the options you already have? Fuck no. Me not wanting to entertain some obscure tactic is not being close-minded, it’s being rational.

In 3S especially, there are options available to you that are (a.) safer, (b.) easier, and most importantly (c.) result in the same thing (you winning). I still don’t understand why you guys are trying to convince us that some difficult, obscure, risky technique is worth spending time on when there are better options out there that you could be working on.