Faking overheads and crossups

Super Street Fighter IV -

Last night I went online to practice punishes and fake-outs (faking an overhead attack to nail my opponent with a low attack, or faking a crossup to get them blocking in the wrong direction.) I’m having trouble with the fake-outs, though. For crossups, every time I hit :ub: or :uf:, even just for a split second, I can’t stop Cammy from actually going over the guy’s head. Likewise, when I hit :u: even for a split second, I can’t make her come back down any faster no matter what I try, just leaving her open for attack. What am I missing? For both situations I’ve tried pushing the stick in the opposite direction while in the air, but I guess it doesn’t work like that.

Once you input the direction your character will automatically move a set amount. When jumping up and back or up and forward, you can not do anything to alter how little or how much they move. Likewise, you can not alter how fast or slow your character returns to the ground after a neutral jump. The few times this rule can be bent is with specific characters and specific moves for said characters. For instance, Honda’s neutral-jump fierce punch will allow you to move forward or backwards slightly. Another example is that Crimson Viper can be moved more or stopped once in motion by using her Burning Kick in the air.

As you are playing Cammy, however, the only move that I believe has any effect on her jumping attacks is her Cannon Spike (or is it Strike? I get her move names mixed up). And to my knowledge, she can only use that when jumping forward and not in a neutral or backwards direction.

Hope this helped a bit.

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