Falcoon Interview - Future of SNK

courtesy of MMCafe and Gamefaqs KOF 11 board…

Translated and summarized by Iggy from MMCafe.

His opinion of KOF MI is near the one some people expressed on this very board recently “it’s just for fun. It’s supposed to be a fun game”. Even if the game can be played online, they focused on the 1P expericence so the lonely player would have tons of things to do.
KOF MI is definitely set in a different universe than the regular KOF Series. This means nearly all the characters can appear, even those dead in the regular KOF series (like the Orochis, for example)

KOF MI3 is scheduled for the PS3. He already has some ideas for it, and for eventual sequels should the game sell well.

KOF Another Day was an experiment and an advertisement to MI2 and KOF XI. It’s not cannon, and it doesn’t mean the two universes are close, nor that Ash will appear in MI nor Alba in XII.

They have no plans right now to make another anime.

The US name change MI => KOF 2006 has been made to reflect the different market, like Ryk=>AoF or Gar => Fatal Fury. The decision has not been taken by Falcoon, and he doesn’t seem to appreciate it much, nor does he seem to really care.
MS6 is the last MS on Atomiswave.

They don’t plan to make a real fighter on PSP nor DS. The studies show many players use their PSP at home, so there is no use to make a game on PSP if they can play one on PS2.

The name “KOF XII” is not definitive, but the game is definitely being worked on, as Nona’s presence the other day implyed.

Interesting discussion about Alfred’s position in the Gar universe.

No more DJ Station, but they would like to continue with the CD dramas.

The reason most voices in Ken Samu were changed was because the format was too old to sound good on AW.


They would like to port the HNG64 games on current generation system, but they can’t because… They don’t have any data anymore. It has disappeared. They would need to buy a board and games to begin with. But they would like it, even though they know thet would sell very little

They don’t want to ditch 2D yet. They think 2D fighting game are still interesting. They also talk about a possible collaboration with Arc system. They would like to, even though it appears quite difficult to do.

They say if the 2D genre was to disappear, they want to be the last maker to make 2D games

Thx for the infos, so good to hear they still do some 2D Games in the future.

I’m listening.

So they decide to ditch LB3 plans huh…damn they need to make LB3 seriously…but then again if they keep on making NGBC games I can get my fix there…

Guilty Gear vs Samurai Shodown: TIME PARADOX EDITION

i’d play it until my fingers fell off

oh man sammy vs snk would be pretty sweet

I’m moved

sammy isn’t credited as the publisher anymore for GG games. now its Sega


What does Falcoon do? I thought he was just an artist [?]

Arc Systems + SNK = Garou 2 completed :lovin: would be pretty sweet if something like that happened but you can only hope and see.

i believe he started out as an artist but like after wut was it king of fighters 2004 he became more involved with the behind the scenes stories and stuff. ever since he’s been working with snk beyond just art.

o0o0h man snk v.s. arcsys man, some serious system changes (grooves) or somprimises will really need to be made X_x, and shit i hope they put guilty gear music in it only well atleast composed by the guy not all old music

i think i had a heart attack after the LB comment X_x

damn them 4 LB!

Why are ppl so pissed at there not being an LB sequel? What in heck are you expecting to be in it? A Speed mode where you do a 999 combos in 10 seconds? SSJ3 Kaede? Mecha Setsuna? Orochi Kagami? Mukuro after taking a bath? Besides what would the game’s story be? What more could they add to the story?
With that aside, this whole ‘no 3D Ash or 2D Alba’ is utter BS, I mean aren’t they Fatgoon’s designs?

Well, thank God for THAT! I was about to go crazy trying to link both series and shit. :sweat:

People usually expect the new game to fix BS of previous games, not extend it. The story of LB2 was a cliffhanger also.

thats exactly what i was thinking, MOTW 2 seems more likely now, and perhaps a arcs vs snk, if those games came out, oh man that would fill the void left by no SF4.

Please yes. Garou for victory.

i hope the snk/arc game is a dating sim!

finally I have m cake and eat it too!

malin and bridget FTW! :lovin: