Falcoon pics

Does anybody know a website where I can find all Falcoon pics collection? Thanks.

Here you go: http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/gallery/gallery.php?gid=falcoon

There’s a lot of other cool collected art there too. Enjoy.



That’s his site, just search around.

Also, Image Mishmash. :slight_smile:

Wow, this artist is really awesome. He entertained my nerd side and did fan art of Gum from JSR too.


This website is so huge, I don’t have time to look through it all in one sitting. Does anybody know if he did Cube or any of the other girls from JSR also? The women he draws are beautiful, so if there’s any more naked or porn stuff he’s done, I want that too.

My favorite pictures so far are of the girl eating the meat sandwich and of the girl getting sexually molested by a giant octopus.