Falcoon (SNK) Interview

Remember when i wondered if KOF98 was getting the ReBout treatment?

Well, guess what? Falcoon interview talks about it, plus other tidbits on other SNK games, like Garou 2 (which we all knew was being produced when SNK went bankrupt) being 70% done back then!


Start drooling about high-res KOF98 (in case you don’t know what ReBout looked like, look what the 94 sprites became below and wonder what the 98-style sprites will be like)…


He also says they have plans for 2002… Why can’t they just do the same to XII or something?

hmm MOTW2 now thats something I would like to see, lets hope it doesnt end up like SVC, as that was a half done game also brought back to life.

The last couple of games from SNKP have been pretty good, Another version of 2k2 not sure about that coughneowave, 98RB I look forward to that.

2006 is going to be interesting.

Were there ever any screenshots of garou 2???

Although I don’t play SNK fighters, I appreciate what they are doing for their FANS. Yes, they’re a business first, but it just seems that SNK cares more about their fans than any other fighting game company… ‘stares over at the Capcom logo’… beotch.

SvC was a LOT more incomplete than Garou 2 was. It was also completed by a far more incompetent team than what they have now.

That doesn’t stop me from wanting SNKP to get the (remains of the) Garou team back from Arc if not just to complete this project.

There are two pictures floating the web, but we never found out if they were real or fake. They showed Marco and someone else (don’t remember who) fighting in a green, grass-filled stage. I don’t remember very well, since i don’t have them on my HD…

2002 Rebout??? Ehh I’ll get it but I’ll stick with my NeoWave…I love that game at least…

98 Rebout…all right…now we are talking… and yes indeed finish MOTW 2 please…MOTW 2nd Impact…hahaa

About the pics : They showed marco fighting his master Ryo, dressed as Mr. Karate and designed the same as MOTW charas. The pics are kinda blurry and anyway could be fake but if it’s fake… props to Ryo’s chara designer ^^.

MOTW2 (aka Garou Densetsu9 aka Legacy of Might) was in alpha stage when SNK went down and even if Falcoon says it was at about 70% they still had plenty of work (in the sense that they had they had little to do on the MOTW engine and the existing cast, but they had something like 4 or 6 new charas, the new stages and musics and most of all, of the debugging to do…) What I mean is that if there wasn’t so much left to do, playmore would have wrapped it up and sold it since it would have made money (at least as much as SvC and playmore is pretty much about the money first)

Anyway, Legacy of Might is might illusionnary Holy Grail (as SF4, but I don’t believe in it anymore anyway) so if ever it comes out, I hope it’ll be at least as good as MOTW, including as balanced and as debugged.

And SK, I too wish everyday they’d bring together again the old Garou team… but I don’t see why Arc would let some good members go work for playmore! I guess we’ll just have to pray they don’t mess up the engine or something…

On a related note, does anyone know if the January/February release dates for Rebout and Neowave are actually on track?

On track…dude just get a modded PS2!!! You couldve had them both LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG BY NOW…AND played the shit out of them and seen the kickass RB intro etc…

Why would they ask if ash’s flame would be red? Isn’t it always green? Is there an adaptation to his storyline that would make his flame red?

Thank you in advance.

Something happens between Iori and Ash in KOF XI. That’s as non-spoileriffic as I can get without giving it completely away, but it should be obvious.

If Garou 2 did come out I would die ha, lets hope it does still go as planned and hopefully not many changes as far as the engine goes. Thanks for the info.

Yes…or have another dreammatch with Kain and Young Geese on the same team…notice any similarities how they look?? They both dress for business and have long hair…the King of Southtown look apparently.

For fucks sake Capcom doesnt owe us shit, get that bullshit out of your head. Lets keep dumbshit like this out of this thread.

I wish Garou 2 would come out, especially knowing that Yama would almost have to be in it.

So the possibility of a sequel to NGBC lies in the hands of the PS2 sales…

Damn I actually really wanted to see another one of those.

How do you know? SNK’s first cross-over game on the NGP was great.
Quite frankly, I can’t see how anyone could be more incompetent than the SvC: Chaos team.

Utter sweetness on possible MOTW-2 and go SNKP for brining back some old school love!!!

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Ash isn’t gay. Fuck you.