Falke General Discussion: Capcom's Newest Staff Member!



This will be the general thread for our new Lord and Savior FALKE, the third character of Season 3.



She looks evil


I like how she looks, I have a thing for psycho bitch get-ups.

Wonder if she’ll have weapon based normals? She’ll be insane if they give her any form of disjointed hitboxes in her neutral.


@mykka stealing that gif for OP


@Vhozite no problem :slight_smile:


Now I’ll have to learn Ed just so I can keep up with the lore


They should’ve given her brown eyes, I think it would make her look more unique

Like the way it looks here


A new weapon waifu. That’ll work since Maki probably isn’t getting in and can’t add too many ninjas too fast.


Her name means ‘falcon’ in German, suggesting a huntress.

I imagine based on her name and design that she’ll have a very not-quite-a-Nazi vibe, like a lot of anime villains (M. Bison, for instance). The Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS of Street Fighter?

Kolin is actually very fiery in temperament despite her ice powers – I could see Falke being the token ice cold bitch, personality-wise. SF doesn’t really have one of those yet, weirdly enough. The Mature to Kolin’s Vice, as it were.

Wish she had a different hair color. She and Kolin are too similar in design, it hurts them both. Falke and Ed could have been more platinum, maybe.

Bets that she’s another Cammy/Decapre model, and therefore Ed’s “sister”? They seem to be playing up an evil twins vibe (Fenris, Lannisters, Ashfords from Resident Evil).


I actually like the twins thing sounds plausible. The only siblings in SF are YUN and YANG right???


I think she looks older than Ed, maybe its the makeup. She could be SFV’s first MILF.


Laura and sean.


Isn’t ED like 10 years old in the body of a 25+ dude ?

Ofc she is older :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna try this character out when she is released, as i said previously, i like how she looks. Guess i got a thing for girls with short hair.


Kira is having a battle Falke vs G https://www.facebook.com/shinxkira
Vote for her :slight_smile:


I think it’s just the make-up. I mean, if she’s like Ed and Cammy and Decapre she’s probably like 10 years old max lol.


rekkas please


Falke looks like she can falke a fool up and blue ball them to death.


Blond overload


I hope Falke’s personality is similar to Seiko from Prison School minus any sexual stuff of course. Not a Ice Queen like Kolin but definitely a take no shit kind of woman


Not twins. Laura is clearly older, as they have stated in ASF.

Besides, they could reasonably be twins. Ed being the only replacement body made for Bison is suspect to say the least. They’re too similar to just not be from the same factory.

Menat wasn’t. Hopefully this will be enough for Capcom to let her have mad disjoints. I can definitely see her sniping people with that staff.
I’m expecting long buttons that are punishable at close range.