Falke General Discussion: Capcom's Newest Staff Member!



I’m wondering if the water motif from the intro is related to her? Ed doesn’t have anything to do with water.

It could just be metaphorical, obviously – Ryu drowning in their psycho power, or whatever – but it occurred to me there aren’t any SF characters with water elemental powers.


Another blonde twin antagonist pair that didn’t occur to me but really should have:


Rugal’s heirs in KOF. Maybe they’re following suit with Bison’s?


I’m curious behind the reasoning of her name choice




@Vhozite you can add this one too to OP


Hmm, the character CG reminds me a bit of David Bowie.


M Bison is not based off a Nazi.

The uniform he wears is from the uniform of the Former Empire of Japan, which itself was Nazi Germany’s ally in WW2. The character of M. Bison/Dictator himself comes from the 1980s movie Teito Monogatari, in the form of the character Yasunori Katou:

This movie was also adapted as anime called “Doomed Metropolis”, which consisted of 4 OVAs.


I just noticed how silly Ed looks in that gif in the first post.

Dude’s like he’s issuing an order or shooting a projectile but Ryu’s already got knocked into the water.

Speaking of which, it’s funny how Ryu gets Demon’d by Akuma from downtown and just looks mildly annoying, but when he’s dumped into some water he almost turns into Evil Ryu.

Ryu confirmed to hate showers. The answer does not lie in the heart of hygiene.


Thank you for these details! That’s very interesting.

Ed and Falke seem much more directly Nazi-inspired in their aesthetic, though. Shadaloo in general has an Axis aesthetic (Imperial Japan & Nazi Germany).




Out of all the S3 characters, she is the most interesting to me.
Can’t wait to try her.

[details=Spoiler][details=Spoiler][details=Spoiler]boob window kreygasm


Adel and Rose weren’t realy antagonists after KoF03.

Adel is much more honest than Rugal. After he was defeated at the hand of the Ikari team, he just let them run. His sister, who is much closer to her father personality wise, wanted to stop them and kill them, but Adel interrupted.
He even wanted to support them and does this since KoF03 in any way poissible. The Ikaris are basicly THE good guys of the KoF series.

Also Rose was used in 3 games to set up tournaments under the control of Saiki, can’t say she’s evil if she’s just mindcontrolled.

To the topic.
I realy hope Falke plays like a heavy poker, maybe some Sin Kiske or Billy Kane inspired Specials.

I assume her Punch moves will be her using the staff and her kicks will be… kicks, she will probably use her kicks only for Combos.
I also hope that she has realy realy good anti-airs.

Capcom managed it now the second time to catch me with a character with the first picture.
I just hope I won’t be as disappointed as I was with Menat in the end.


Welcome my brother


the staff looks shorter and slimmer more like a cane in the trailer, or is it just perspective? I wonder if she uses ‘Bartitsu’ a fighting style with cane. Then I can see a teacher alt. costume in the future.
Hope she has soul calibur Ivy personality.


I was looking at that. In the Ed story art it looked a bit longer to me.

I was actually wondering if she would act as thus games Rolento “function”.


Honestly, it looks like a retractable staff in the cinematic trailer.


It might be a retractable weapon, giving her access to 2 V-triggers, one with the form, the other with a long form


That’s actually a pretty cool idea.

Maybe weapon stance mode could work as well.


Definitely, yes. It’s one of these: https://www.karatemart.com/collapsible-bo-staff