Falke General Discussion: Capcom's Newest Staff Member!



I’m also very interested in what she’s all about. Please don’t be all about buttons though.


Yeah I think Falke is the character I’m most interested in of the s3 guys (and I think they all look great). I like her look and the potential she has with that weapon of hers. I hope at least she’s got a bit of Rolento in her. Either way I can’t wait to see this lady in action


Funny you should say this because it’s actually what I want from her.

But I like her enough stylistically that I’ll definitely try her regardless. Idrc as long as she isn’t super high execution.


Vote Falke :smiley:


Like Menat’s crazy invincible normals


She came last place…


Look on the bright side. That may mean she is lowkey and underused, so she’ll get overbuffed.


Happy New Year guys.

2018 is the year of Neo-Shadaloo

*The year of our salvation.
The year of Falke!!!


She’s gonna be lower mid.


Realistically she can’t be any worse than Vega. Other than say Juri and Alex I think all the DLC characters have been decent, and they’ll be even better come AE. I’m not really concerned.

If anything else she’ll have invincible CA so lol.


Invincible CA would be moving up the ladder.

I got hopes for her too. Staff bitch has to be at least decent. I mean it’s a staff.


Story costume for our girl and the DLC folk.


That looks like a training Outfit.
Is she wearing nothing under it or is it the lightning on this picture?


She has some kind of undergarment on. The lighting makes it look like nothing at first glance though.


I hope one of the outfits changes her hair


Short hair looks good on her though.


She can still have short hair, just not stylized the same way as Ed’s.


She basically is Rule 63(?) Ed tho


Her theme is so wonderful!


Full theme now